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Lano Leaf Bangle Brass [LN-3015]

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€103,25 - €103,25
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With motifs such as flowers that color the calm landscape, rosaries and arabesques that are reminiscent of medieval Europe, accessories with delicate and beautiful designs and a strong presence.

Mr. Tomoaki Hirano and Mr. Mio Hirano, who work on the accessory brand "Lano", mainly use natural stones and brass to carefully create elegant and warm accessories by hand.

Mr. Tomoaki Hirano, the representative of “Lano”, graduated from a technical high school and worked as a lathe operator for about 8 years after graduating from a technical high school. After learning metal engraving techniques by himself, he gained experience as an accessory designer with Mio Hirano, and started his own brand “Lano” in 2008.

Mr. Tomoaki Hirano seems to have a unique career as an accessory artist, but the solid metal processing technology cultivated during his shipbuilding days is incorporated throughout his works. Especially for hand-made watches, we simultaneously achieve a delicate and beautiful design like jewelry and a high degree of processing precision with waterproof performance for everyday use.

The brass accessories that are familiar to the skin change to a tasteful color tone as you use them, and you feel like you are living with them. Each of the “Lano” accessories has a strong presence, but there is also a sense of unity that is reminiscent of the coexisting world of flowers, and one of the features is that they are easy to stack.

The graceful, delicate yet heavy world drawn by “Lano”—would you like to try it on yourself?

A realistic holey leaf bangle that expresses even the knots of the branches

Realistic worm-eaten marks like the real thing

A branch motif around the arm


Fine tune the size...

Worn (the arm in the photo is a woman's)

Worn with matching ring

Introducing a bangle with a leaf motif that wraps around your arm.
The leaves are worm-eaten, and the delicate veins are also carefully expressed. Around the arm is a motif of bumpy twigs.

It's interesting to make it look like the real thing♪ The material is made of brass, which gets better the more you use it. The soft golden color of brass gives it a mysterious atmosphere, like a magical item.

Free size, but you can fine-tune the size by opening or closing it with your fingers.

A voluminous design with a strong presence. If you match it with a simple style, the impression of the whole coordination will change completely...♪
We also recommend pairing it with a leaf ring with the same motif!

Notes on ordering and handling

Basically, it will be produced after ordering, and it will take about 2 weeks to 1 month to deliver, although it varies depending on the order status. For stock status and delivery date, please feel free to contact us.
Accessories that use natural stones may take more than a month to be delivered due to the arrangement of natural stones. In that case, we will inform you of the delivery date again from our store.

Item Number LN-3015
Material/processing Brass
size Free size Leaf motif total length about 3cm
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