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500 yen OFF coupon for friend registration! LINE Official Account


【.:*あけましておめでとうございます 本年もよろしくお願いいたします*:.】2023年の干支 卯(うさぎ)のアイテムをピックアップ!!

[.:*Happy New Year and I wish you all the best for this year*:.]Pick up 2023 zodiac rabbit items!!

Happy new year
I'm late, but thank you for your continued support in the year.

We would like to introduce many products and works of artists and craftsmen who are making wonderful things this year as well.
Thank you very much.

Pick up items for the 2023 zodiac rabbit!
For those who are thinking of buying a new wallet for the New Year, we will also introduce auspicious days that are perfect for replacing or starting to use your wallet☆

Gift wrapping is available free of charge, so please feel free to ask us if you would like it.

Very popular*
The popular hand warmer is back in stock!!

ORGANIC GARDEN Yak Wool x Supima Cotton Hand Warmer Moku Gray Women's

.:*The Chinese zodiac sign for 2023 is the Rabbit*:.

The Chinese zodiac for 2023 is the Rabbit.
The rabbit in the zodiac has a "gentle and calm image",
It has a meaning as a symbol of safety.
It also has the meaning of "leap and improve" from its jumping power.

Great as a casual amulet or as an accent for coordination,
We picked up rabbit motif accessories.

DECOvienya Handmade Accessories Sitting Rabbit Pendant Silver 925 Brown Ladies

naturama Rabbit Earrings Antique Gold Brass 18KGP One Ear

[Choose from 2 colors] Silver workshop AramaRoots
Rabbit Ring “Lop Ear” Silver

sasakihitomi Accessory artist, Hitomi Sasaki Brass rabbit ring

Moge Handmade Silver Accessories Moon Bond -Rabbit- Silver Ring 8mm

moge handmade silver accessories meteor -rabbit- silver necklace

KINO Handmade watch Usapyon SUN & MOON

DECOvienya handmade accessories rabbit brooch silver

DECOvienya Handmade Accessories Jackalope and Ivy Ring Silver 925 Ladies

DECOvienya handmade accessories rabbit friend ring silver

DECOvienya Handmade Accessory Hole Rabbit Pendant Silver

DECOvienya handmade accessories Big rabbit and clover ring Gold

A blue movement series has arrived from handmade watch KINO!!

KINO (Kino) handmade watch automatic winding back skeleton mechanic blue square silver case

KINO (Kino) handmade watch automatic winding back skeleton mechanic blue brass case

KINO (Kino) handmade watch automatic winding back skeleton mechanic blue silver case

KINO (Kino) Handmade Watch Automatic Winding Back Skeleton Kino Punk Blue Silver Case Blue

KINO (Kino) Handmade Watch Automatic Winding Back Skeleton Kino Punk Blue Brass Case Blue

:*Start 2023 with a new wallet*:.

A wallet that is essential for everyday life.
It has long been said that you should change your wallet in the New Year and start using it.
Isn't there a lot of people who want to make a new wallet with a new feeling?

In fact, there is an auspicious day that is perfect for buying a new wallet or starting to use it.

It is said that if you start using or take down your wallet on these lucky days, your luck will improve.

Add a little ingenuity to the new start of the new year,
Please try to increase your fortune with money.

ZOO Kudu Leather Puma Wallet 40
Round Zipper Long Wallet Camel

ZOO Round Zipper Long Wallet Italian Leather Embossed Block Check Pattern Caracal Wallet Black

ZOO birch leather puma wallet 24
Round Zipper Long Wallet Gray

[Choose from 4 colors] aoneco clasp mini wallet

Leather workshop PARLEY “Parley Classic”

Bifold Wallet Premium Raspberry Red

[Can be stored without folding bills]
ANNAK Compact Round Zip Wallet Himeji Leather Black

ANNAK Tochigi Leather One Action
L-shaped compact wallet all leather pink silver

[Choose from 5 colors] TSUKIKUSA BOX type coin case [Azami]

[Choose from 5 colors] TSUKIKUSA
Compact bi-fold wallet (with coin purse) [Aoi-coin]

havito by waji tri-fold wallet "glart"
Stained glass antique door green ladies

poussette Gamaguchi 4.5 sun “Flower loan over lace”

New items appear one after another!!

[Choose from 5 colors] ORGANIC GARDEN
Organic cotton pile haramaki middle length cotton women's

[Choose from 5 colors] 226 - Tsutsumu - Envelop your stomach Stretchy Knit Haramaki Cotton Rayon Silk

[Choose from 4 colors] aoneco genuine leather notebook cover

[Choose from 4 colors] aoneco notebook band with pen holder

KS JHA Koji Shinohara Handmade Ring Watch Brass Octagonal Case Zodiac Dial Women's

We accept wrapping for free!
Please feel free to let us know if you would like one!!

This image is an image of our shop wrapping,
Please note that wrapping specifications may vary depending on the availability of packaging materials and the size of the product.
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