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500 yen OFF coupon for friend registration! LINE Official Account

mother's day gift

- When is Mother's Day this year?
Speaking of May, it is "Mother's Day".
In 2022, this year's mother's day is may 8th (Sun) . At the craft cafe, select gifts for fashionable mothers. It can be added to the classic carnation gift, or just a special gift. No matter what you give as a gift, if you think about the person you are giving it to and choose it, they will surely be happy.
Don't forget to say "thank you always" when handing it over. If you live far away, we recommend adding a message!

The craft cafe offers gift wrapping and message card services free of charge. Please let us know when ordering if you would like one. ≫ Click here for details on wrapping

Necessities of life! Leather wallet/key case

Because it is used every day, ease of use is important as well as design.
From slim but large capacity wallets that can hold a lot to compact wallets that do not get in the way even with small bags. We will introduce key cases that are perfect for fashionable people who are particular about using small items.

havito by waji long wallet "glart" stained glass antique door khaki ladies 35,000

ZOO Italian leather embossed dot pattern cheetah wallet 2 L-shaped zipper long wallet green 19,800

SMART MOVE! Smart key case 12,980 - 16,500

[Free mail delivery] [8 colors] Leather workshop PARLEY “ELK” Finland Elk smart key case 7,150

ZOO Tochigi leather wallaby key case with coin purse 4,180

List of recommended leather wallets and key cases

For busy moms. Recommended bag

A bag is recommended as a present for such a mother who is busy with work, housework, and childcare.
There are shoulder bags that leave both hands free, large-capacity tote bags with carefully designed designs, and small bags that are perfect for carrying small items. You can enjoy fashion according to your purpose!

[Choose from 2 colors] Butler Verner Sails Tochigi leather Nume leather plain tote 19,800

[Choose from 2 colors] ANNAK Mini Shoulder Pouch Women's Men's Unisex 8,800

REAL STANDARD life Kurashiki canvas No. 9 x Tochigi leather tote bag “TK Luton HELMETBAG” S size black 12,100

List of recommended bags

Gentle organic cotton fabric items

How about items made of high-quality organic cotton fabric that is gentle on the skin for mothers who are particular about it? The soft texture of organic cotton adds relaxation to your daily life.
We have picked up only safe and comfortable items that are gentle on the skin and the mind.

[Choose from 2 colors] ORGANIC GARDEN Non-squeezing arm cover UV care 100% organic cotton 1,650

ORGANIC GARDEN Organic cotton 100% Heel space warmer 1,980

Tezomeya Hand-dyed plain organic T-shirt short sleeve “Tokiiro” 8,800

List of recommended organic cotton fabric items

Discerning art object bookmark

An object that makes the interior look nice just by being in one corner of the room. A special bookmark that I would like to recommend to readers.
We will introduce items that add a little "special feeling".

Bronze sculptor Tadashi Koizumi Kobito's table clock "Rainfall song" 6,700

Bronze sculptor Koizumi Tadashi Kobito's object "Until the day the sky shines." 5,200

sasakihitomi Accessory artist Hitomi Sasaki Owl Bookmark Brass & Silver 7,700

List of recommended objects and bookmarks