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500 yen OFF coupon for friend registration! LINE Official Account

2024 Valentine Gift

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February 14th is Valentine's Day. Why not add some thoughtful miscellaneous goods or accessories to the chocolate you give to your favorite person or loved one to express your special feelings and gratitude? It is recommended because it can add a sense of glamor and specialness!
Here we will introduce stylish items that will surely please both those who like sweets and those who don't.



Leather items with a sense of style

The transparency created by hand polishing is attractive. “Shoehorn key chain” with a mature impression

Parley Classic is a series that exudes a mature atmosphere, using luxurious leather with a luxurious shine and chic colors.

[3 colors] Leather workshop PARLEY “Parley Classic” shoehorn key chain


The best leather belt in Japan, created with a lot of time and effort.

Twistannin leather is the best leather for belts in Japan, using only carefully selected raw hides from Tochigi leather, which is tanned over a period of about a month and tanned again in a pit tank. The leather is tanned twice, making it extremely hard and durable, and the more you use it, the softer and more lustrous it will become.

[2 colors] Dady Twistannin leather belt 35mm width [DD1207]


A simple and classic business card holder

Storage includes 4 free pockets and 1 gusseted pocket. The main gusseted pocket can store about 20 business cards. This item can be used for both business and daily use.

[3 colors] Leather workshop PARLEY “Parley Classic” Business card holder premium [PC-04PM]



Standard and popular wallets and key cases

Stores two smart keys! A compact wallet that can hold bills without folding, made entirely of Himeji leather.

You don't want to fold your bills, but a long wallet becomes luggage... and you want to go out light! This wallet is for those people.
It is finished entirely with Himeji leather that has a nice touch, so it is recommended for those who do not want their products to change or deteriorate over time, or those who want to maintain the original color and texture when purchased.

Available in 4 easy-to-use colors

pink silver




Python pattern long wallet




8 rich colors to choose from

Smart key case that can store 2 smart keys (up to 3), analog keys, bills, and cards.

You can carry everything you need for going out in one place. Elk leather meat has a gentle touch and a wild taste, and gently protects your precious keys. It is a very tasteful and luxurious item.
From among bills, cards, and keychains, you can choose only the things you want to carry around with you to suit your lifestyle.

[8 colors] Leather workshop PARLEY smart key case [FE-68]


A slim money clip bi-fold wallet with a thickness of approximately 2cm dyed with natural Yamato indigo that does not use any chemicals.

Slim storage of the bare essentials. Bills are easy to see, count, and take out. This is a money clip type wallet that you won't be able to part with once you get used to it.
As you use it, it becomes more lustrous and turns into a deep blue color over time.

RE.ACT Yamato Aizome Money Clip Bifold Wallet (with coin purse) [RA2021-005AI-SOL]



Other special items

8 rich colors to choose from

Made of 100% cotton that is gentle on the skin and won't irritate your skin, it's a useful item just by having one.

A versatile item that is reversible and can be used in 8 different ways. There are infinite possibilities to arrange it depending on how you fold it and how you wear it. It's very compact, so it's very convenient even when you want to use it on the go. You can use it to suit your lifestyle.

[8 colors] kobooriza Kobo Oriza cotton cap that can be used in 8 ways [K-WC-CC07]


All 12 natural colors dyed with natural plants!

A snood made from naturally dyed organic cotton fabric that can be worn by both men and women in all seasons.

It's thin, and when you comb it up, it gives off just the right amount of volume, giving it a nice atmosphere. A naturally dyed snood that creates a warm and stylish look around your neck. We use organic cotton for the fabric, and are particular about keeping it natural.

[12 colors] Hand dyed snood organic cotton [SN-001]


A lifetime bookmark for those who love reading

A bookmark with a Kobito charm that makes you smile when you read a book with your face close to it.

Bronze sculpture artist Tadashi Koizumi Kobito's Bookmark "Bookmark Crime and Punishment" [KO-BM-01]


Many other! valentine gift