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500 yen OFF coupon for friend registration! LINE Official Account
500 yen OFF coupon for friend registration! LINE Official Account

White Day Gift Special 2023

March 14th is White Day.
Craft cafe carefully selects gifts recommended for Valentine's return. Choosing the right gift for the recipient is the key to success.
Popular cute accessories, watches, stoles and key cases made with special materials... We have a variety of gifts that will please women!

Accessories/Watch Pickup

Watanabe Kobo Handmade Watch "Silver Armlet 3" Ladies Silver SUN & MOON 12 o'clock Swarovski 30,800

Silver Studio AramaRoots Goronneko and Daisy Pin Brooch Brass 18K Matt Gold Coating 6,930

Bronze sculptor Tadashi Koizumi Kobito's ring stand "Important person - Flower language -" [KO-RS-06] 6,700

small right handmade accessories belt ring 10,200 - 28,900

moge Handmade Silver Accessories Promise of the Moon -Cat- Silver Necklace 22,000

Accessories Recommended Item List

Watch recommended item list

Leather goods and miscellaneous goods pickup

[Choose from 4 colors] aoneco purse mini wallet 9,350

[Choose from 5 colors] 226 - Tsutsumu - Knit Haramaki cotton rayon silk 2,915

[Free mail delivery] [8 colors] Leather workshop PARLEY “ELK” Finland Elk smart key case 7,700

[Choose from 2 patterns] ENA KUAM drawstring sacoche shoulder bag basket bag 8,690

REAL STANDARD life Kurashiki Canvas No. 9 x Tochigi Leather Tote Bag “TK Luton HELMETBAG” Black 12,100 - 19,800

List of Recommended Items for Leather Goods and Miscellaneous Goods