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500 yen OFF coupon for friend registration! LINE Official Account

SMART MOVE! Smart Key Case Wallet Rakukeikoubou

Rakukeikoubou SMART MOVE!

Smart key case "SMART MOVE!" received over 7 million yen in crowdfunding
"I want to make use of the 'skills' and 'spirit' that Kyoto has inherited over generations in modern life." Bo).

"SMART MOVE!" Produced by Rakukei Koubou is a smart key case that aims to be the world's first for all adults who want to have this and that, but want to be smart. With a new structure that has been carefully calculated, you can compactly pack the essentials for going out. In the pre-sale on crowdfunding, we received support of over 7 million yen.

For those who mainly use cashless payments... go out with just one "SMART MOVE!"

"SMART MOVE!" is an all-in-one genuine leather smart key case that can hold "almost everything" necessary for going out, such as 2 smart keys, 3 analog keys, cards such as credit cards and driver's licenses, and bills. If cashless payment is the main method, you can go out with just "SMART MOVE!".

Color variations that make you imagine the scenery of Kyoto. Recommended as a gift

"SMART MOVE!" is available in a wide variety of colors reminiscent of the scenery of Kyoto, such as summer riverbeds, cobbled streets of geisha quarters, and the shadow of a five-storied pagoda that emerges in the evening sun. Recommended as a pair or as a gift. Wrapping is also available free of charge.