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Naturally dyed clothes by Masaaki Aoki, a hand-dyed shop

Hand-dyed shop Masaaki Aoki明
Naturally dyed tops short sleeves

《Hand-dyed shop pic up item》
Hand-dyed plain plain hanging organic T-shirt Short sleeves Hanadairoいろ)”

「The hand-dyed shop produces items dyed with traditional Japanese natural dyes, such as Akane Akane Hibiki Zakuro Yaguruma Tsukiko and Shabushi Gobiko Gobai, centering on dyeing studio T-shirts that are being pursued for dyeing with natural dyes in Kyoto. You areげたアイテムを制作しておられます。

The owner, Masaaki Aoki, studied mental hygiene at the Department of Insurance, Faculty of Medicine, the University of Tokyo, and then worked for a major inner maker in Kyoto, which he chose because he liked clothes. Choosing a craftsmanship At first glance, it may seem like a unique career, but when you look at what Mr. Aoki produced, it seems that your experience has been crystallized. Seems to have beenれているように思えます。

The main hand-dyed T-shirt uses organic cotton fox fiber, which is very compatible with natural dyes, from the material to the detailed design pattern sewing process, and can be knitted softly without applying tension to the thread. Custom-made fabric hanging T-shirt that does not settle even when used with a rare hanging knitting machine Selection of materials that are compatible with natural dyes Sewing and silhouette comfort Hand-dyed with the results of researching the balance of all elements It is a dye T-shirtれた、こだわりの手染メTシャツとなっています。

A world of complex, gentle and tasty natural dyes The items of hand-dyed dye shops make you feel familiar with the rich color variations of natural dyes that you have not seen in modern times. Masu会えると思います!