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[Special feature on green items] We have collected trendy green items!!

ANNAK Tochigi Leather One Action
L-shaped compact wallet all leather green

Green, which has been attracting attention as a trend color since last season,
It seems to continue to be popular in autumn and winter ☆

I tried to collect trendy color green items!!

People who always choose similar colors
Why don't you check out the trend color green...

The green wallet is our most popular color!!

ANNAK Tochigi Leather Garson Long Wallet Green

ANNAK Tochigi leather L-shaped long wallet slim wallet green

ANNAK Tochigi Leather Compact Bifold Garson Wallet All Leather Green

ZOO Round Zipper Long Wallet Italian Leather Embossed Block Check Pattern Caracal Wallet Green

ZOO Italian Leather Embossed Dot Pattern Caracal Wallet Round Zipper Long Wallet Green

Leather workshop PARLEY “Parley Classic”
Bifold Wallet Premium Georgia Green

COTOCUL Round Zipper Long Wallet Black Leather (Kurozangawa) Green

havito by waji tri-fold wallet "glart"
Stained glass antique door khaki ladies

Just having a green bag gives you a trendy feeling☆

ANNAK Tochigi Leather Boston Bag S Size Washed Leather Green

ANNAK Shoulder bag with tilt pocket Tochigi leather Washed leather Green

Kurashiki Hanpu No. 9 x Himeji Leather Tote Bag “BC Luton HELMETBAG” M Size Women’s and Men’s

[Choose from 3 colors] REAL STANDARD life
Shoulder tote bag Nylon lightweight “Lumie HELMETBAG” M size

Kurashiki canvas No. 9 tote bag “Luton HELMETBAG” S size

haru nomura Plant-dyed artist, Haruka Nomura Natural dyed linen bag “Travel bag” Khaki

Casually attractive ☆ Green watch

vie Handmade Watch Shigaraki Ware Dial Green XL Size Handmade Watch Tochigi Leather Genuine Leather Pottery Shiga Made in Japan

vie (Vee) handmade watch "Japanese tch" Japanese paper dial Japanese clock green green L size

KINO handmade watch
Automatic Winding Back Skeleton Mechanic Black Green

KINO (Kino) handmade watch automatic winding back skeleton fanfare SUN & MOON

Watanabe Koubou Handmade Watch Jumbo Brass “JSB2” Clear Green Dial

Watanabe workshop handmade watch “StrapLady-B-SUN&MOON”
Ladies Brass Color Dial Green

Incorporating green into accessories ☆

poussette Gamaguchi 4.5 sun “Chinese Lantern”

[Choose from 12 colors] Hand-dyed Meya Loop-knit Tenjiku Organic Cotton Natural Dyed Snood for Men and Women

[Choose from 12 colors] kobooriza - Kobo Oriza -
8way cotton cap slab

[Choose from 8 colors] kobooriza - Kobo Oriza -
100% wool instead weave scarf for men and women

[Choose from 3 colors] Leather workshop PARLEY
Parley Classic glasses case

Leather workshop PARLEY “Parley Classic”
Card & smart key case

We accept wrapping for free!
Please feel free to let us know if you would like one!!

This image is an image of our shop wrapping,
Please note that wrapping specifications may vary depending on the availability of packaging materials and the size of the product.
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