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graphzero Denim brand from Kurashiki/Kojima Original jeans/pants/denim

graphzero graphzeroロ)
Denim brand from Kurashiki Kojimaド
Original jeans pants denimニム

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graphzero graphzeroロ)
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Kojima area in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, the birthplace of domestic jeans and one of the world's leading jeans producers Graph Zero, which was established in the spring of 2004 in this area, is an original that has been hand-dyed and discolored, which is not profitable for major companies. Up-and-coming denim brand attracting attention in jeansのデニムブランド。

Graph Zero started by calling on local jeans craftsmen to create a denim brand from Kojima by Mr. Tetsuya Suzuki, who was born in a fabric shop in Kurashiki Kojima. Graph Zero is born by gathering members who are familiar withし、グラフゼロが誕生します。

Graph Zero, which started with the 800,000 yen that the members came up with, began to attract attention mainly from jeans enthusiasts due to its rarity and high design, and within two years after the brand was established, fashion magazine TV and In addition to radio, it has been widely introduced in trade magazines such as Nikkei MJ Nikkei Distribution Newspaper and Senken Shimbun.されるにいたります。

「The brand name "Graph Zero" has the meaning of starting manufacturing from the zero point of the graph. The most upstream members of jeans production are the first to know the latest trends in jeans and are working on cutting-edge manufacturing. In addition to original jeans that give you a taste and depth unique to handicrafts, we are also producing standard denim and T-shirt tops that are particular about sewing materials.次々と生み出しています。