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Craft Cafe LINE official account has started!

ZOO Leather goods brand such as wallets and cases with unusual leather such as elephant leather and birch leather


ZOO is a handmade leather goods brand that offers a wide variety of items such as wallets and key cases. In addition to the famous cowhide and snakeskin, we are also developing rare leathers such as elephant leather and birch leather.

Based on the belief that materials are the starting point of manufacturing, we do not allow compromises in the selection and selection of materials, and use only carefully selected materials. Since ZOO products use natural leather, the expression and texture of the leather will differ even for the same product.

This difference called "individual difference" is the individuality of the leather. Leather made from animal epidermis remains this individual difference no matter how careful the tanning process is.

In addition, processing more than necessary will spoil the original texture of the leather, so ZOO emphasizes using the material as it is in order to make the most of the leather's individuality. With a commitment to quality in all products, skilled craftsmen carefully create each product, and spare no effort even in invisible processes.