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ARKRAFT Handmade watch by watchmaker Hidekazu Araki


“ARKRAFT” Hidekazu Araki is a watchmaker who makes watches by hand one by one in Taito Ward, Tokyo, which is known as a town of craftsmen such as leather goods and metal crafts.

The brand name "ARKRAFT" is derived from Mr. Araki's abbreviated signature "ARK", the German word "kraft" which means productive and creative power, and the etymology of "art" and "arm". Derived from "ar-" which means connection or adaptation. While following the design based on the tradition of wristwatches, we are always conscious of fusing the taste and warmth unique to handmade, and each one is carefully produced.

Mr. Araki studied under Mr. Koji Shinohara, a pioneer of hand-made watches and representative of JHA (Japan Handcraft watch Association). . Hand-written numbers have been added to the basic design of the dial. We are working on a watch with a sense of fun. In addition, the material of the case is brass, and the belt is mainly made of high-quality leather tanned with vegetable tannins, and the taste will deepen with use.

Mr. Araki's watches, which combine universality and originality, can be used casually or for business, and can be worn by both men and women. Watches created through a time-consuming process give you warmth and healing that ready-made products don't have, and you can feel the enjoyment of time as they change over time.