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gift wrapping

A thoughtful gift for your loved ones. In order to make the gift even more wonderful, the craft cafe offers free gift wrapping and message card services.

[How to use the gift wrapping service]
If you wish to have the item wrapped, please tell us in the remarks column (free entry column) at the time of ordering that you wish to have the item wrapped or that you would like a message card .

Craft cafe gift wrapping service

[About gift wrapping]

Wrapping is available free of charge.

Depending on the size and shape of the ordered product, we will select and wrap the wrapping paper at our store.

Depending on the product content and quantity of your order, we may not be able to accept wrapping.

If you order multiple items, we will basically wrap the ordered items together.

If you would like individual wrapping for multiple items, please let us know in the remarks column (free entry column) when ordering.

If you order a lot of small items such as socks and would like individual wrapping, we may not be able to support individual wrapping.

Depending on the availability of packaging materials, the color and material of the ribbon wrapping may change.

[About message card]

If you would like a message card, please fill in the message content in the remarks column (free entry column) when ordering.

The message will be handwritten by our staff.

The message card will be the size of a business card, and the design will change depending on the stock status.

You can write your message as long as it fits in the business card size.

If you would like to handwrite your own message, you can also order the card only. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please write in the remarks column that you would like to use a credit card only.


■Do you have a carrying bag?
We do not currently have carry bags available.

■Will it arrive in a form that shows the name of the sender?
Yes, we will send it after writing the sender's name on the invoice.
Also, a card with the sender's name written on it ("I will deliver the product requested by Mr. ●●") is included in the package.

■Does the product include items whose price is known?
Please be assured that we will not enclose a delivery note that shows the price or a tag that shows the price.

■Do you accept bulk gifts such as presents?
Depending on the stock status of the product, it may be difficult to respond, so please contact us first.
Also, depending on the product unit price and quantity, there may be a separate charge for individual wrapping.

■Do you support Noshi?
We also support Noshi service.
If you do not specify a name or name, we will write "Congratulations" and deliver it without a name.

■Other questions and consultations Please feel free to contact us at the number below for any other questions or consultations regarding gift wrapping.

Craft Cafe TEL: 075-646-1330 (Weekdays 10:00-18:00)