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Dady Leather belts, wallets and wallet chains produced by Mitake Sangyo in Moto-Asakusa, Tokyo

Dady Dadyィ)
Worked by Mitake Sangyo of Motoasakusa, Tokyoる
Leather belt wallet wallet chainーン

Original leather brand Dady Daddy sent by Mitake Sangyo, a long-established belt factory in Motoasakusa, Tokyo, where many town factories such as leather products and metal processing are crowded.”(ダディ)。

Mitake Sangyo was founded in 1925 and was initially involved in making smoke tubes, but after the war, it shifted to the production of leather belts, etc. in line with changes in lifestyle. From the development of leather, which is a material, to made in japan. Pursuing manufacturing by discerning and skilled craftsmenを追求されています。

One of the charms of Dady is its unique vintage leather look. Rare leather tanned with tannins to the utmost limit is placed in a large wooden barrel used when dyeing tyco leather and struck for more than 10 hours. Brings out the texture of tasty leather出しています。

Craftsman's thorough commitment to leather Dady's leather items, which allow you to enjoy a richer leather texture with a simple design that eliminates any excessive decoration, can be used habitually for a long time regardless of fashion or age.だけます。