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havito by waji leather x stained glass leather wallets and small leather goods

havito by waji

Established in January 2016, "waji Co., Ltd." is a group of professional craftsmen, from veteran craftsmen to young designers. Hiroki Sugano, the representative who likes "antique doors", and Rui Sekine, who used to work at "Glass Factory", met to get started.

Waji started by making scissor bags that hairdressers and trimmers wear around their waists. Under the brand name “aruci”, not only bags but also semi-order goods such as aprons and bags are available. Craftsmen are trained at Kobo Oriza, a renovated old Japanese house in Osaka. Under the brand "ulazan," the challenge is to see if skilled craftsmen can give form to the designs of young people. We develop a lot of wallets and bags. We have unique items that you won't find anywhere else.

While sticking to manufacturing, which is the core, the hottest brand among waji was born. Its name is "habito". Mr. Sugano and Mr. Sekine have always wanted to create something that they have always wanted to create... Based on the concept of "manufacturing something unexpected," they have established their representative series "glart," a fusion of real glass and leather. "I want to make an antique door into a shape that I can carry around."

A company and a brand born from the meeting of two passionate people. In addition to “glart” leather and glass items, new products such as canvas bags and wallets, and in the spring of 2021, asymmetric totes and portable backpacks will be announced one after another. I can't take my eyes off waji's "manufacturing" in the future.