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mino Knit poncho brand from Gosen City, Niigata

kobooriza - Kobo Oriza -

"mino" is a poncho brand born in Gosen City, Niigata Prefecture, which is a representative knit production area in Japan, inspired by "mino", which has been used in winter in snowy regions.

“mino” is produced by Saifuku, a knit manufacturer since 1963. Blessed with an abundance of good quality water, Gosen City prospered as a production area for silk fabrics from the middle of the Edo period, and after the war developed into a major center for the knitting industry. Along with the know-how that has been handed down in the production area, we continue to refine our knitting techniques and ideas.

"mino" ponchos have a wide variety of variations, such as those that can be worn around the neck or reversible, in addition to those that can be worn or worn. Materials include wool, cotton, linen, cashmere, alpaca, and mohair. You can feel the charm and possibilities of knitting that expands infinitely depending on the combinations, knitting methods, and patterns that make use of the characteristics of the threads of various materials.

Spring with mountains and flowers as the snow melts, summer in the Echigo Plain with lush rural scenery, autumn with autumn foliage and harvest, and winter with a heavy snowfall... We offer simple and fun items that let you feel the four seasons of Niigata. increase.