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PEARL FISHER canvas and leather tote bags, shoulder bags, and Boston bags

Canvas and leather tote bag Shoulder bag Boston bagッグ

Envelope-style pochette Airmail-style pouch Sealing Bags with fun designs with mail motifs such as wax-shaped charmed tote bagsの鞄たち。

“Handwork Timeless Design is the theme of handwork bag brand PEARL FISHER by bag writer Satsuki Saishu, who consistently handles planning and design production. Bags with a simple and easy-to-use design that make use of the taste created by handwork are produced.バッグを制作されています。

After working on graphic design sneaker design, Satsuki Saishu studied at Cordwainers College in London to study bag shoe design and making. After returning to Japan, he gained experience as a bag miscellaneous goods designer for companies and since 2011 Started brand PEARL FISHERHER”をスタート。

The parts made of leather are carefully hand-sewn one by one, and the paraffin-processed canvas fabric made in Japan is hand-washed to give it an antique-like texture. The bags that are made without hesitation are full of simple and gentle texture that can only be created by hand.いにあふれています。

In addition, both the canvas fabric and leather, which are the materials, have excellent durability and the taste will deepen as you use them.れています。

May the wishes contained in the works with the motif of mail reach the hearts of each and every customer.に…

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