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ZEN - Denim brand from Kyoto Kyoto Yuzen hand-painted jeans ・ Kyo-Yuzen hand-dyed & hand-painted jeans

“Zen” (ZEN)

In Kyoto, which boasts a history of 1200 years, the craftsmanship and heart that has been handed down uninterruptedly. "ZEN" is an up-and-coming brand launched by Kyoden Masao Tatsuta with the desire to "disseminate the culture of Kyoto to the world."

“Zen” is to concentrate on one object, to know its true form in a state of selflessness, and to enlighten. Based on this "Zen" spirit, we pursue "what is the real thing" and "what is manufacturing that respects the thoughts and warmth of the creator", and are disseminated through fashion.

The commitment of “Zen” is “MADE IN JAPAN” and “KYOTO STYLE”. For hand-painted Japanese pattern jeans, which are the core of the brand, we asked Kojima, Kurashiki City, which boasts the top market share and technology in Japan, to produce jeans that will be the body. The splendid patterns drawn on the high-quality jeans are carefully drawn one by one with the outstanding technique of Kyoto Yuzen painters. The hand-painted jeans, which are made with the skill and heart of the creator, have a uniqueness and brilliance that cannot be found in mass-produced products.

“Zen” was launched in 2005, and has been featured in many fashion magazines, and has already started overseas expansion. It is a notable brand from Kyoto that continues to propose genuine products that resonate with consumers from Kyoto to the world.