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DEEP BLUE 10oz Easy Straight Denim Blue [72968-2] Women's Okayama Kurashiki Jeans

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DEEP BLUE is a women's denim brand born in Kojima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture. This brand has been produced since 2001 by Maeno Co., Ltd., a long-established company that has been producing workwear and school uniforms in Kojima for many years since its establishment in 1948.

Kojima was a thriving cotton cultivation and cotton industry during the Edo period, and today is one of Japan's leading textile manufacturing towns, including jeans. This city has everything you need to make jeans, including high-quality fabrics, durable sewing, and advanced fabric processing techniques.

“DEEP BLUE” also produces basic and affordable tops that go well with jeans, created in an ideal manufacturing environment.

Straight jeans with 10 ounces of stretch for easy movement.The waist is fully elastic, so you don't have to worry about sizing around your stomach.

Easy denim that you can wear every day.
Comfortable to wear with stretchy fabric and a slightly loose straight silhouette.
It's a little thin at 10 ounces, and has been washed so it's soft and comfortable to wear. By using it for a long time, you can enjoy the discoloration and changes over time.

The waist is made entirely of elastic, which allows for flexibility in sizing around the stomach, and the fact that it is easy to put on and take off is a great feature.

This is a practical and basic denim that focuses on DEEP BLUE's ``comfort that you will want to wear forever''.

The overall design is roomy and doesn't feel tight when bending and stretching, making it useful in active situations such as outdoors or playing with children.

Model is 170cm (female) and wearing size L

If you roll it up, it will accentuate your ankles and give you a more mature look.

If the size fits you, you can go down one size, but if you want to wear it casually, choose your usual size and enjoy a slightly looser silhouette.

This item is useful when you often sit or bend and stretch, such as childcare, housework, gardening, and outdoors.

We want you to use it for a long time, so the details are basic.The fabric has a slightly uneven weave, so it doesn't look too pretty when the color fades, giving it a vintage feel.

zipper fly

The front pocket is large enough to fit a smartphone easily.

back pocket

The contrast when rolled up is also ◎

Fabric with an uneven feel where the white warp threads appear irregularly here and there.

It is thin and useful from spring to autumn.

It is also recommended when you want to layer it.

Light ounce fabric that is comfortable to wear even in summer. Although it is thin, it does not look frivolous, and the original taste of denim is well expressed, making it a high-quality denim for adults.
We also recommend wearing layers of tights and socks during the chilly season.

Enjoy a variety of outfits regardless of your body type, height, or age.

Made in Okayama denim is made with high-quality basic materials and designs, and is also comfortable to wear.
It is durable and can be used for a long time, which is not found at low prices.

How about giving it as a premium gift to your loved ones?

There is also an indigo version that you can enjoy changing over time.

10oz Easy Straight Denim Indigo ≪Click on the image to move the page≫


Fabric/processing 98% cotton (10 oz)
2% polyurethane
Color blue
size SS, S, M, L
Producing area Made in Japan (Kojima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture)

Precautions when purchasing and using

・Although we make every effort to maintain stock, if an item is out of stock, you may have to wait 1 week to 10 days for it to arrive. If you have to wait longer than that, we will notify you of the delivery date. If you have any questions about stock status or arrival time, please feel free to contact us.

When washing, we recommend washing separately. When storing, please store in a dark place away from light to prevent fading due to light.

Please avoid tumble drying as this may cause shrinkage.

Please note that color transfer may occur due to friction or getting wet.

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