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Butler Verner Sails Horse Leather Simple Mini Tote Bag Women's Men's [JA-2664] Genuine Leather Handbag Small Light

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A Tokyo brand that started with the production of remade items by reusing yacht sails.

Various products have been produced around the product design centered on remake sails and tarpaulins (PVC cloth), but now bags and accessories that combine various different materials such as nylon, canvas, leather, and bamboo. are deployed a lot.

As for genuine leather, in order to purchase better quality leather than overseas leather, domestic leather is custom-made, and we use original leather to produce products and aim for quality above the price.
There is also a premium line that develops bags using high-quality genuine leather.

With a focus on materials and colors that are easy to match with basic casual and business situations, it is a brand where you can feel the designer's playfulness, such as simple items that can be used for a long time, as well as items with witty designs.

Horse leather is light, durable, and soft.
With its simple design and durability, it looks like it will be a tote bag that you will want to use for a long time.

Available in basic and easy-to-use colors that go well with a variety of outfits.


brown camel dark green navy

Since it uses "bare-age" horse leather, which is tanned from the hide to the minimum, the surface is slightly soft and the scratches are left as they are. You can feel the original wild texture of horse leather.

Horse leather is the skin of animals that have a lot of exercise and little excess fat when they are alive. Therefore, the leather is thin, light and soft. It is also characterized by its thinness and high strength.

Go out lightly with this simple and light mini tote.
It is a minimal item that is just the right size and can hold the minimum necessary items.

Even though it's small, it has a large storage capacity! The large gusset on the bottom allows you to store more items than it looks.
Please pay attention to the unique leather texture that is unique in the world.

There is a bottom gusset of about 15 cm in length and width. The bottom and sides have a gusset that is sewn all the way around with a single piece of leather.

There are individual differences in the texture of the leather, and there are various types such as those with many wrinkles and those with natural scratches. Please enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime encounter as the real thrill of leather.

Tochigi leather (cowhide) design leather name is also attached on the inside.

The side gussets have loops for attaching key rings or key holders. You can also hang your bicycle keys that are easy to lose. Comes with a note about the original acrylic leather.

The width and height of the gusset can hold four 200ml PET bottles.
Bi-fold wallets, key cases, smartphones, eco bags, handkerchiefs, tissues... Small items such as cosmetics, medicine, earphones, etc. can be neatly stored in the pouch. It's just the right size to store your essentials for going out.

It is light enough to weigh about 150g because it is made with the minimum amount of leather, such as by reducing sewing and eliminating functionality such as pockets. It's something you hang on your arm, so it's a nice point that it doesn't put a burden on you as much as possible.

Stability comes out by putting things in, so it can stand on its own.

With basic colors that go well with any outfit, you can quickly complete your styling without worrying about sudden plans.
Having one standard bag that can be used all year round will be reliable.

Wearing item Tops: graphzero fisherman pullover shirt mocha
Bottoms: DEEP BLUE wide loose color denim ivory pants

Wearing item Tops: graphzero pleated dress paisley khaki
Bottoms: DEEP BLUE wide loose color denim ivory pants

It looks small and cute and has a leather texture that you want to use casually. A small bag has an image of a woman, but it has a finish that can be used by men as well.

Since it is a brand that produces many standard items, it is a design that you will want to use carefully in the long run.

Not only for yourself, but also recommended as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day, etc.


Material/processing [Body] Horse leather (bare)
[leather name] Cowhide (Tochigi leather)
Size/Weight [Size] Height: 16cm x Width: 15cm x Depth: 15cm
[handle] about 26cm
[Weight] Approx.
Color Black, brown, camel, dark green, navy

Points to note when ordering

We are making every effort to keep stock in stock, but it may take 2-3 weeks to produce and arrive if the item is out of stock. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about stock status or arrival time.

Due to the use of natural leather, the surface of the leather may have animal-specific ecological scars, traces of blood vessels, wrinkles, etc. Also, even if you dye with the same dye, there will be individual differences in color. Please understand and acknowledge this as a characteristic of natural leather and each individuality.

The leather material is vulnerable to rain and sweat, so if it gets wet, please allow it to dry naturally. If the product is used in a wet state, the color may fade or transfer. We recommend storing in a well-ventilated place.

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