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Moge Handmade Silver Accessories Promise of the Moon - Cat - Silver Necklace [mo-N-031]

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[Made-to-order] 10 days to 2 weeks

At her atelier in northern Osaka, Koji Yamaguchi, known as moge, creates custom-made silver accessories such as wedding rings, pairing rings, and necklaces. , Relax and feel the gentle flow of time.

Moge's accessories feature animals such as cats, frogs, camels, elephants, and giraffes, with natural motifs such as the moon, stars, and shimmering trees in the background. 18K gold and stones are used as accents to create unique works that sparkle.

The concept of such moge is "Jewelry that can be worn on the heart" that makes you feel gentle just by wearing it.
Among them, the “I was looking at the same moon” series has a design that allows you to feel close to the other person by wearing them in pairs, so that you can always remember them. Seeing the animals looking up at the moon with some sadness gives me a sense of sincerity and a sense of warmth. All accessories are designed based on rounded forms, and they are all accessories that calm your mind just by looking at them.

The reason why moge named his atelier "Nozomi" comes from "mochizuki" which means full moon and "hope". When making accessories and delivering them to customers, moge creates accessories with the feeling of wishing on the full moon that as many people as possible can look forward to a future full of hope and be happy.

『Happiness small to casual every day』… Just like decorating a single flower can make you feel radiant, just wearing it will give you a gentle feeling.

A necklace that makes you want to snuggle with cats

Adorable design where cats snuggle up…→

And on the other side, the cat's tail is shaped like a heart…*

You will be healed by the warmth of handmade

Wearing (chain length is 40cm)

A romantic and adorable necklace with a motif of two cats gently snuggling on the roof of a private house in the moonlit night. The tails of the two snuggling up are three-dimensionally connected to the back of the ring, and the point is that they are heart-shaped.

A full moon using 18-karat gold, which is a feature of moge's accessories, and twinkling stars scattered around it. In addition, the design of the ring, which is set on the roof of a private house and a cat, which is a familiar creature, is very familiar to us people. It would be nice to send these cats as a gift to someone you care about.

The pendant is 4mm thick and has a nice weight and presence. While maintaining the elegant atmosphere of silver, the warm cats and silhouettes of the roofs of houses that look like wood carvings make this necklace soothing every time you look at it.

Click here for Promise of the Moon Silver Ring 10mm [mo-R-045]

Notes on ordering and handling
Basically it will be produced after ordering, and it will take about 2 to 3 weeks to deliver. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, such as stock status or arrival time.
Production may be delayed due to the artist's circumstances (such as when a solo exhibition is held or when orders are concentrated). In that case, we will inform you of the delivery date again from our store.

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