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SMART MOVE! Smart key case wallet in the alley (black) Embossed domestic cowhide / antibacterial [MV1001] 2 smart keys storage Rakukei Kobo

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Original price
$107.69 - $107.69
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Delivery in 1-5 days (depending on availability)

“I want to make use of the 'skills' and 'hearts' that Kyoto has inherited over generations in today's ordinary life. “Rakukei Koubou” creates works related to Kyoto every day with such thoughts in mind.

Rakukeikoubou produces "SMART MOVE!", which is made for all adults who "want to have this and that, but want to be smart".

It is an innovative item that has never been seen before, and can hold "almost everything" necessary for going out, such as two smart keys, banknotes, analog keys, and cards.

A quiet shock that 2 smart keys + "almost all" of essentials for going out can fit.
New patented structure. Achievement of 7 million yen in crowdfunding!

SMART MOVE! Five rules of development

1. Can store smart keys
2. Smart key is easy to use
3. Many space partitions
4. Make it as compact as possible
5. Maintain quality and keep costs down

▼The answer to all of these is...

"SMART MOVE!" was completed after about a year and a half from conception through repeated trial and error.

A simple X-shaped pocket that can be created by sewing only one central part realizes a surprising storage capacity.

All the items to be stored are in the best position, so they fit perfectly and neatly, and the contents retain their shape.

Bringing together the things you carry around when traveling, it makes traveling by car more comfortable and makes your work smarter.

“Once you experience it, you can never go back.” Necessities beyond category boundaries.

The fact that we were able to obtain a patent just one year after filing the application proves that there are no similar products.

The aesthetics of subtraction that pursues the aesthetics of Kyoto. Subtracting to the last minute, it combines simple usability and beauty.

Each smart key can be stored in a leather partitioned pocket,
The smart keys will not be damaged by bumping into each other.

Cards and banknotes can be stored in other pockets.
The "gusset" opens moderately, making it easy to take out the contents.

The thickness is reduced by storing 3 keys side by side.

In order to give a moderate bulge and hold feeling so that the key does not move,
The notch is adjusted to the perfect length.

I forgot something! The phone is ringing! I want to go to the restroom!
When we need a key, we are often in a hurry.

A pocket is made on the outside of the zipper for quick access.

As a result of repeated trial and error, we decided to widen the width of the leather by 5 mm on each side.

Only half of the outer single piece of leather is cut diagonally on both sides.
It is the craftsmanship of many years that can realize this with experience value.

Even if the hole position is low or the strap is long, the smart key will fall out.
After repeated adjustments in millimeters, we arrived at the current “height” and “length”.

If you hold the smart key with 3 fingers and extend your index finger,
You can just hook it on the snap button and remove it in just 1 second.

It is useful when you want to remove only the smart key, such as when you leave your car at a dealer.
You don't have to worry about changing the key.

Even in places where electromagnetic waves are strong, such as coin parking, where the smart key does not respond unless you take it out, you can take it out and press the button as soon as you open the zipper a little.

Sewing costs are kept to a minimum, and the amount of leather used is also reduced.
Because it is a "good product", we are aiming for a price that many people can use.

The leather uses embossed domestic cowhide (antibacterial finish). It has an elegant glossy texture that fits comfortably in your hand.

The zipper is made by YKK and opens and closes smoothly. A sense of security and solidity created by assembly technology and beautiful sewing with 30 years of craftsmanship.

We will deliver it in a box that is carefully made one by one using traditional techniques.
This is a special order from Hakoya, a long-established store in Kyoto founded in 1874.
Recommended as a gift for a new life or anniversary.

Recommended for those who want to reduce their luggage as much as possible when going out, and want to spend their time smartly without waste.

It's about 10 cm square, and it's just the right size to fit in your pocket. (Color: Smooth Kawadoko/Blue Green)

If you insert your frequently used IC card, you can use it for commuting by train or making payments.
You can smoothly respond with this one. (Color: Twilight Love/Navy)

*Please be careful of interference between IC cards with the same function.

You can easily go out with this one when picking up your child.
(Color: Tokonano Nadeshiko/Red)

Make your work smarter when you go out.
(Color: Hanamachi stone pavement/greige)

(Color: Alley entrance / black)

From a wallet, card case, or a bunch of keys, you can choose and put only the "things you want to always carry around" according to your lifestyle.

Cards, licenses, parking tickets and other tickets that people need to ride in the car, bills used for parking fees and vending machines can be easily accommodated.

SMART MOVE! By using , it may be an opportunity to go cashless or organize your belongings.

The scene in the memories is reflected in color. The thoughts that Rakukei Koubou puts into the colors.

Kyoto has beautiful nature that changes with the seasons, quaint townscapes, and many historical cultures and festivals. The scenery of Kyoto is cut out along with the story and expressed as "Rakuiro".

If the story of “Rakuiro” overlaps with your own memories, the product will have meaning as “your own”.

Similar scenes, memories, and your memories overlap to become your own color. Please enjoy the process.

Technical strength backed by many years of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Together with Rakukei Koubou, the husband and wife of a made-to-order leather product studio in Rakuhoku, Kyoto have worked together until the completion of "SMART MOVE!"

Even ambiguous requests such as "I want to eliminate this difficulty of use" and "I want to make it more beautiful" are improved perfectly. The challenge of "making something that has never existed before" has been realized because it is a couple who enjoys manufacturing from the bottom of their hearts.

Sewing costs are kept to an absolute minimum by carefully considering how the leather is pulled out and the order of sewing, such as the minimum stitching of the [X-shaped structure] that creates four pockets with one stitch.

I want more people to use it because it is a “good product”. By persevering through such a belief, he overturned the stereotype that "good things are expensive."


Material/processing [Body] Domestic cowhide / Embossed / Antibacterial [Zipper] Made by YKK [Accessories] Made in Kyoto Cosmetic box
size Width: Approximately 10.5cm x Length: Approximately 10.5cm
Thickness: about 2 cm to 2.6 cm (maximum thickness)
Weight: Approximately 95g (There are individual differences due to natural materials)
Color Chilled Kyoto (middle gray)

Precautions before ordering

We are working hard to secure stock, but it may take about 2 weeks to 1 month for production and arrival when out of stock. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, such as stock status or arrival time.
Due to the use of natural leather, there are some individual differences in how the grain of the leather enters. Please understand and acknowledge this as a characteristic and individuality of natural leather.
The leather material is vulnerable to rain and sweat, so if it gets wet, please allow it to dry naturally. If the product is used in a wet state, the color may fade or transfer. We recommend storing in a well-ventilated place.

SMART MOVE! Smart key case lineup

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