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ORGANIC GARDEN Pile Cover Socks Gobuko Dyed Natural Black Men's/Women's [NS8237]

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$16.77 - $16.77
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Koryo Town in Nara Prefecture is a sock town that accounts for about 40% of the sock production in Japan. In recent years, the ratio of imports from overseas has increased in the sock industry, and the textile-related company volunteers in Koryo-cho who felt a sense of crisis about this situation established the brand "ORGANIC GARDEN" in 1994. .

As the brand name suggests, organic garden items use organic cotton as the main material. Organic cotton is grown on land that has not been sprayed with chemical fertilizers or pesticides for three years or more, and is cotton that has not undergone any chemical treatment such as bleaching or shrink-proofing. It does not contain chemical substances, so it is gentle on the skin and has a soft texture compared to chemically treated cotton.

new towel texture

Soft texture

fabric up

Non-slip silicon on the inside of the heel

Relaxed without feeling worn or constricted

These cover socks have a natural texture with pile knit soles.
Thickness is created by pile knitting, and it is soft and comfortable to wear as if you were stepping on a new towel.

It softens the impact on the soles of your feet and absorbs sweat well.
In addition, since it is naturally dyed and dyed with five folds, you can expect an antibacterial effect and keep your feet clean.

The same pile socks are also available in different colors.

Selling price is different. Please be careful.

[NS8238] Pile Cover Socks Indigo Dyed Indigo ¥2800+tax

Notes on ordering and handling
We make every effort to keep the items in stock, but it may take up to a week to receive the items if they are out of stock or if you have ordered multiple items. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the number of items in stock or when they will arrive.

Item Number NS8237
Material/processing 85% cotton, 10% nylon, 5% polyurethane
(with non-slip silicon on the inside of the heel)
Color natural black
size 22-24cm/25-27cm

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