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[Choose from 28 colors of leather! ] S Ryuren Pendant top (with chain) Silver [S-Th-01]

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[Made-to-order] 2 weeks

by エス

"S" is a handcrafted accessory brand created by accessory artist Saori Miura. The accessories of "S", which impresses with the warmth of handmade products and the bold and delicate Japanese patterns full of originality, are all unique and designed and produced by Mr. Miura.

Mr. Miura, who launched his own brand "S" with the desire to "do something that can only be done now", places great importance on "handcrafting with thought".
I want to leave something behind for the person who picks up the accessory. I want to convey the warmth of being handmade from scratch. With such thoughts in mind, the accessories that Miura creates one by one are very delicate and tasteful.

Among them, fretwork is a delicate and time-consuming work that uses a coping saw blade of only 0.4 mm to carefully cut out each cherry blossom petal. We have a lineup of luxurious items where you can feel both the warmth of handmade products that are filled with the artist's thoughts and the elegance of silver.

Each cherry blossom petal is so lively that it feels as if it is swaying in the wind... I put my heart into confining the image I envisioned and the Japanese scenery that makes me feel the Japanese atmosphere into a single accessory as it is. , designed accessories to paint a picture.

The level of technical ability to express very fine patterns with a single scroll saw is considerable, but Mr. Miura himself says, I want to make a
I feel that the direct desire to deliver what was made with that heart is the power that can naturally change the atmosphere of Japanese patterns into accessories.

A necklace with a shining chain and top that is not ashamed of the beauty of water lilies

A 4 x 1.5cm square pendant top with gorgeous fretwork and a luxurious chain that firmly supports it. One of the charms of this pendant is that the water lily floating on the surface of the flickering water is supplely expressed, and the atmosphere changes depending on the combination with the leather of the selected color.

Water lilies grow in muddy water, but eventually bloom into indescribably beautiful flowers that live for three days. This pendant is a lively representation of such fleeting water lilies.
The ephemeral yet strong image is finished in a work that is delicately and powerfully expressed by the artist Miura.

A design that suggests careful handwork to create a three-dimensional effect

back side

The lotus part has a three-dimensional bulge.

High-quality weight that comes with a jerk

Worn by a woman, the color in the photo is red lizard skin.

The flowing curves representing water and the water lilies blooming on the surface of the water are carefully carved with a tool called a coping saw.

Furthermore, in order to create a three-dimensional effect, this pendant is struck from behind with a mallet to create a soft, handmade bulge. You can just see that the water lily flower part is plump when viewed from the side.

A graceful and mature pendant that can be seen in the photo of delicate and careful handiwork. It is a design that can be worn by both men and women.

You can choose the leather color to combine

*There may be differences between the actual product and the product image depending on your computer monitor settings, model, etc. Also, depending on the shooting environment, there may be differences in the color tone of the product image. Thank you for your understanding.

Notes on ordering and handling
Basically, it will be produced after ordering, and it will take about 2 weeks to deliver. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, such as stock status or arrival time.
Depending on the time, production may be delayed. In that case, we will inform you of the delivery date again from our store.
This flowing lotus pendant top can also be purchased as a pendant only (without chain). The price of the pendant top only is 30,000 yen + tax.
Item Number S-Th-01
Material/processing Silver 950, water snake skin, cowhide
size Length 4cm, Width 1.5cm, Maximum thickness 3mm
40cm silver chain included

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