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[6 colors] Hand-dyed Meya hickory striped work pants for men and women [SM-003]

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[Made-to-order] 3 weeks

Tezome-ya is a dyeing studio owned by Masaaki Aoki, who pursues dyeing using natural dyes in Kyoto. They mainly produce T-shirts and other items dyed with traditional Japanese natural dyes.

In addition to the "Hickory Stripe Work Pants" that are full of craftsmanship, we have added tasteful natural dyed work pants! The casual atmosphere of the hickory pattern perfectly matches the bright colors. These work pants are carefully dyed one by one with time and effort, and have a beautiful deep color with a natural feel that cannot be expressed with chemical dyes, which is hard to find elsewhere.

In addition, these work pants are made of 12 oz fabric that is slightly lighter and softer than regular denim fabric, so unlike regular heavy fabrics, it is light and comfortable to wear. The hips and heels are reinforced with layers of fabric to ensure the durability required for work pants.

Work pants that reflect the tastes of the owner, Mr. Aoki, with a clean silhouette and an ultra-fine striped pattern for a fashionable finish. …It is a special work that has been poured with love in the name of “dyeing”.

Casual and tasteful 6 colors of natural dye x hickory pattern


dull color

Fuji Nezu-iro

Old bamboo color


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The silhouette is clean and straight. The fabric is slightly light, so you can use it for a long time all year round! Even if it is a slightly larger size like work pants, it will be perfectly decided even if you wear it with just the right size! It's not as rough as jeans, but it's not as beautiful as chino pants, so it's a wonderful piece with a unique atmosphere.


Wearing example (Tokiiro)
Model is 176cm tall and wears size S (usually wears 28-30 inch bottoms)

Button fly on the front (Toki color)

Enlarged fabric (Fuji-nezu color)


Back hips to inner thighs are reinforced with double fabric (marine color)

Wearing example ・Back (pimple color)
Male model is 177cm tall and wears size M (usually wears 28-30 inch bottoms)

A patch with the logo of a hand dyeing shop (Oitake color)

These pants are easy to match with anything, so it would be fun to wear them casually with a T-shirt or polo shirt, or pair them with unique low-tech sneakers or leather sandals! Of course, it goes well with the solid color natural dyed organic T-shirt from the hand-dyed shop, so please take a look at this as well.

Button fly front. Adopted a simple donut button that was often used in jeans in the 1940s. For the rivets, we use the flat type used in Lee jeans. The linen patch embroidered with the logo of the hand dyeing shop is also a point.


The heel part is also reinforced with double fabric (Ebizome color)

Knee part with tucks and three-dimensional finish (Toki color)

Item Number SM-003
Material/processing Body: 100% cotton, hand-dyed with natural dyes Dyes: Indian madder, Yashabushi, Gobaishi, Pomegranate, Indian indigo
size color 3 sizes S/M/L Toki-iro, dull color, Fuji-nezu-iro, Otake-iro, Ebi-zome-iro, Ha-iro Nadairo) 6 colors

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