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[32 colors available] Garage double gauze simple T-shirt long sleeves for women [TS-53-LS]

Original price $49.15 - Original price $49.15
Original price
$49.15 - $49.15
Current price $49.15

Made to order - 2 months

One of the distinctive features of garage's clothing is the bias use (diagonal use) of double gauze fabric.

Normally, clothing fabric is woven in the vertical and horizontal directions, but by using it on the bias, it can be stretched both vertically and horizontally.

The simple design is packed with ingenuity that makes full use of the characteristics and texture of double gauze.

A simple long-sleeved T-shirt made from two layers of double gauze.
Soft and comfortable to wear, recommended for those with sensitive skin

The fluffy design is created by cutting the hair.
(Color is white)

The bag is also simple.

Gauze wraps around your wrist...♪
(Model is 160cm tall, female, wearing size M, pastel yellow)

Length that falls slightly to the hips
(Model is 160cm tall, female, wearing size M, pastel yellow)

A simple long-sleeved T-shirt made from two layers of double gauze.

The naturally open round neck and raw edge design give this simple T-shirt a stylish look.

The double gauze material is very pleasant to the touch, soft and comfortable to wear, and recommended for those with sensitive skin.

About using garage gauze clothing and bias.

Double gauze is an excellent fabric that has moderate breathability and heat retention, making it suitable for all seasons. It is also one of the most gentle fabrics on the skin, and has long been used for baby clothes.

Garage's gauze clothing is characterized by the double gauze fabric used on the bias. Using the bias does not make the fabric more efficient, but this creates excellent elasticity in both the vertical and horizontal directions, and the fabric gradually changes to fit the body shape as you wear it.

Each part carefully crafted.
Garage handles everything from design, patterns, sewing, and dyeing.

Untrimmed fluffy neck

Clean cuffs

Fabric enlargement (white)

Widened hem

(Model is 170cm tall, female, wearing size M, sherbet blue)

The natural wrinkled look of freshly washed fabric is a Garage specialty. It's so comfortable you'll want to wear it every day, and it's soft and fluffy to the touch.

It's simple, so it's easy to arrange, and in spring and autumn, you can wear it with a thin inner layer such as a camisole or a cut-and-sew top for a refreshing look.

In winter, wearing it under a sweater will increase warmth, and even if you get too hot from the heating and start sweating, the breathable gauze will keep your skin cool and dry.

Wide range of colors

(Click on the color chart to enlarge)

You can choose from 32 colors. We recommend choosing according to the season, such as pastel tones for spring and earth tones for autumn.

*Each item is dyed individually. Dyeing is a very delicate process, and the final color may vary greatly depending on the climate, room temperature, and the lot of dye powder.
Please consider the colour samples as a guide only.

Material, processing, and size

brand Garage
Producing area made in Japan
Fabric, processing and materials 100% cotton (100% cotton)
Product dyeing
Size and Color Women's M/L
32 colors in total

Important points to note before purchasing

Basically, this is a made-to-order product, and depending on the order situation, it may take about 3 weeks to 2 months. (If it will take longer than that, we will inform you of the delivery date.)

Garage's gauze clothing is a product that is dyed one by one (dyed after sewing). Therefore, the dyed color may vary slightly for each product.

Please note that the color of the actual product may differ slightly from the images shown on the website due to the type of monitor and settings of your computer.

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