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ZOO Elephant Leather Wallet Middle L-shaped Zipper Wallet Black Crush Elephant Leather Elephant Leather [Z-ZMW-030]

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ZOO is a brand of handmade leather accessories that offers a wide variety of items such as wallets and key cases. In addition to the famous cowhide and snakeskin, we also handle rare leathers such as elephant leather and birch leather.

In addition, excessive processing than necessary impairs the original texture of the leather, so ZOO places emphasis on using the material as is in order to take advantage of the individuality of the leather. Skilled craftsmen carefully create each item one by one, and spare no effort even in the invisible process.

Made from highly rare elephant leather.
Introducing a black crush color that shines with the handiwork of craftsmen.

- Elephant leather - It is highly abrasion resistant and durable, and its firm texture and unique texture of wrinkles and folds are attractive. As you use it, the color deepens and wrinkles remain matte, so you can enjoy gradual aging.

- Color: Black Crush - Craftsmen repeatedly apply the color by hand to each piece, carefully finishing it so that the color does not fade into the wrinkled areas. The key point is that as you use it, the black areas will become more glossy and the wrinkles will stand out more than other elephant leathers.

Made of luxurious elephant leather with a brushed texture similar to velor.

The zipper uses YKK's highest-quality EXCELLA zipper. The handle is ZOO's original handle.

The reason elephant leather is rare is that elephants are protected wild animals.

Import is prohibited, but in some areas such as South Africa, there are "a small number of elephants that have been unavoidably captured for biological conservation research," so the import of elephant leather is permitted.

Since it cannot be bred for the purpose of producing leather, it can be said to be a rare leather.
The zipper also opens and closes smoothly with YKK Excella.
There are 8 card pockets in total.
Although it is compact, it has excellent storage capacity.

The coin purse opens like a bellows and has a large capacity.
The inner leather is made of supple and durable Italian leather.
You can also enjoy the changes over time.

There are multiple pockets on the outside.
You can store medicines, keys, smart keys, earphones, lipstick, important accessories, etc. that you want to access quickly.

Bills can be stored between the coin purse and card holder.
There are card pockets on both sides of the coin purse.

The coin storage pocket is set at a height that prevents coins from falling out even if you don't close the zipper, and you can take out coins without opening or closing the zipper.

There are 8 card slots.

It's compact and slim so it doesn't take up much space in your bag.
With a cool and luxurious appearance, it can be used by men and women of all ages.

Enjoy the aging of elephant leather that you cannot experience with other leathers.

- Feng Shui Effect - Elephant leather has been considered a symbol of royalty and nobility in Europe since ancient times, and has been prized for bringing happiness to those who own it. It is said to be an animal that symbolizes trust and is said to bring economic stability.
This leather material is perfect for items that bring good fortune, such as warding off bad luck, improving academic ability, and prospering business.

A leather wallet that depicts the trajectory of a life that survived in the harsh environment is recommended not only for yourself, but also as a gift for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, White Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc. .


Material/processing Outside: Elephant leather Inside: Rayon cotton Zipper: YKK Excela (ZOO original pull)
size Length: Approx. 9.5cm x Width: Approx. 15cm x Width: Approx. 2cm
Weight: 104g
Color black crush
storage Coin purse x 1
Card storage x 8
Free pocket x 4

Points to note when ordering

Because we use natural leather, the unique grains and wrinkles that are characteristic of leather will vary from piece to piece. Please understand and acknowledge that this is a characteristic of natural leather.

We do not recommend cleaning with creams, etc. When cleaning, please gently wipe dry with a special cloth.

Leather material is sensitive to rain and sweat, so if it gets wet, please allow it to dry naturally. If used while wet, the color may fade or transfer. We recommend storing it in a well-ventilated place .
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