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Craft Cafe LINE official account has started!

Marumasu Nishimuraya Cocoon-mayu- Kyoto Yuzen Japanese Pattern Hand-dyed T-shirt・Short Sleeve

The young craftsmen of Marumasu Nishimuraya, a long-established Kyo-Yuzen dyeing company, take the lead in producing authentic hand-dyed T-shirts with Japanese patterns that are carefully dyed one by one.

Each craftsman devises a design based on thousands of stencils (thick paper for stencil dyeing with carved kimono patterns) accumulated in Marumasu Nishimuraya's workshop. Each T-shirt has its own "author", and the craftsmen's sensibilities, thoughts, and skills are put into these T-shirts.

In addition, techniques such as layered dyeing and tie-dyeing are used to reproduce traditional neutral tones that are difficult to produce in mass-produced products. The rich and delicate Japanese sensibility that has been passed down since ancient times is condensed into the T-shirt. Please try to experience the depth and fun!