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[Summer is right around the corner!! Summer item special] Pick up summer items that will upgrade your usual outfit just by adding a little bit ♪

[Choose from 3 colors] mino-mino-nico Stole poncho cool summer linen transparent 2-color border

.:*July!! It's the start of a fun summer*:.
In the hot season, it tends to be a rough outfit that emphasizes coolness and comfort...
In such a case, we will introduce a summer item special feature that will upgrade your usual coordination just by adding a little bit ♪

Gift wrapping is available free of charge, so please feel free to ask us if you would like it.

It is convenient to have it in the coming season!
Recommended stoles to upgrade your summer outfits*

[Choose from 5 colors] mino stole poncho cool summer hemp see-through single color border

Wearing light clothes in the summer tends to be casual...
When you feel that your usual outfit is not enough, or when you want to be a little more fashionable, why not try incorporating summer plus items ... ♪

Light stoles, summery bags, etc.
We will introduce recommended items that will be very active in summer ♪

[Choose from 5 colors] kobooriza - Kobo Oriza -
Hemp stole Colors for men and women

[Choose from 5 colors] kobooriza - Kobo Oriza -
SHIBO Linen Cotton Bicolor Shawl for Men and Women

[Choose from 3 colors] kobooriza - Kobo Oriza -
WAKKA Ring Stole Ladies

[Choose from 6 colors] kobooriza - Kobo Oriza -
Cotton Linen NECKABLE Hoodie Snood Women's

[Choose from 8 colors] kobooriza - Kobo Oriza -
KUSHU Linen Cotton Tiny Muffler Ladies

Summer outfit starting from a bag* Clear, canvas, natural materials, etc...
A summer bag that adds coolness and freshness to your outings

[Choose from 3 types] Butler Verner Sails
Vinyl Beat print 2WAY tote bag for men and women

[Choose from 2 colors] ENA KUAM Luca Etoile basket bag

[Choose from 2 patterns] ENA KUAM
Drawstring Sacoche Shoulder Bag Basket Bag

[Choose from 2 colors] ENA KUAM
mesh leather flat bag

ulazan/alter asymmetric canvas tote bag coral blue for men and women

ulazan/alter Asymmetric Canvas Backpack Ivory Men's Women's

[Choose from 4 colors] Butler Verner Sails
Reactive Dyed Bottom Round Bucket Tote Bag Canvas Women's Men's

[Choose from 5 colors] Butler Verner Sails
Reactive Dyed Rolled Shoulder Bag Canvas Men's Women's Unisex

Socks are ready for summer soon...*
Stay dry without getting stuffy♪ Socks and leg warmers made of comfortable material

[Choose from 3 colors] hasegawa (Hasegawa) Hasegawa store
COTTON x BON Stretch Inner Silk Breathing Socks Women's

[Choose from 5 colors] hasegawa (Hasegawa) Hasegawa store
CLOVER-Z Silk Linen Ribbed Socks Ladies

[Choose from 4 colors] hasegawa (Hasegawa) Hasegawa store
SASA silk cotton sandal socks 5 finger type ladies

Linen Cotton Lynx Pattern Sandal Socks Women's

[Choose from 3 colors! ] ORGANIC GARDEN
pique knit socks ladies

Make summer more active!
Relaxed and casual easy shorts for adults♪

graphzero reversible shorts
-Native- White

graphzero reversible shorts
-native- purple

graphzero reversible shorts
-Native- Brown

graphzero 11oz double knee shorts kendo pattern denim x broken twill

graphzero (graph zero) hunting shorts short pants
10oz selvedge denim x arrow feather denim switching Japanese pattern men's

The season when you are worried about the sun... Natural and stylish UV protection with a denim cotton hat ♪

SO PHAT Hat Denim Hat Fatigue Hat Women's Men's

SO PHAT Newsboy Hat Pique German Cord Cross Women's Men's

SO PHAT baseball cap
Hat Denim Piqué Indigo Women's Men's

Overalls that make you look good just by wearing them*
It's fun for outdoor activities and leisure activities in the summer!

graphzero utility overall
11oz Light Indigo Heather Denim Men's Women's

graphzero deck bib overalls khaki denim men's women's

graphzero Brace D Pocket Overall Prisoner Herringbone Denim Men's Women's

DEEP BLUE gardening overalls
Women's Distressed

DEEP BLUE Gardening Overalls Ladies One Wash

We accept wrapping for free!
Please feel free to let us know if you would like one!!

This image is an image of our shop wrapping,

Please note that wrapping specifications may vary depending on the availability of packaging materials and the size of the product.
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