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[New colors and items from Aoneko!] The popular damask pattern series from Aoneko, a cat rescue supporter, now has a chic black color that's cute and grown-up!

Aoneco's popular damask pattern has been replaced with a chic, adult-cute black design!!

.:*July is almost here*:.

A chic black version of the popular damask pattern from Aoneko, a cat rescue supporter, is now available!
We will also introduce our new convenient pouches and scarves.

We also picked up some summer bags and hats!!

We offer free gift wrapping, so please feel free to ask if you require this service.

.:*New color bags and convenient pouches from Aoneko, a cat rescue organization*:.
The damask pattern with the cat hiding inside is so cute and grown-up!!

[Choose from 3 colors] aoneco bucket print shoulder bag

[Choose from 3 colors] aoneco bucket print tote bag

[Choose from 3 colors] aoneco
Damask pattern pouch, medium size

[Choose from 3 colors] aoneco Silk Blend Damask Stole

Start your summer look with accessories *Summer is just around the corner!!
Summer bags and hats to add a cool and refreshing touch to your outings

[Choose from 2 colors] ENA KUAM
Paper Yarn Basket Bag Block Check Tote

[Choose from 3 colors] ENA KUAM
Paper yarn basket bag mini shoulder bag

[Choose from two ribbon colors] Okamoto Hat Straw Mini Casablanca Black Border Ribbon Women's

[Choose from 2 colors] Okamoto Hats, Swivel Visor, Sun Visor, Cotton, Women's

This is the best selling item right now!!

New items are arriving one after another!!

This image is an example of our wrapping service.

Please note that wrapping specifications may vary depending on the availability of packaging materials and the size of the product.

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