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ANNAK Leather belts and leather wallets by Mitake Sangyo in Moto-Asakusa, Tokyo


Tochigi Leather Original Leather Brand “ANNAK” The original leather brand “ANNAK” is produced by Mitake Sangyo, a long-established factory located in Moto-Asakusa, Tokyo, where there are many town factories such as leather products and metal processing. Under the theme of "the standard for 100 years from now", we pursue manufacturing that sticks to hand-sewing, hand-dyeing, hand-polishing and handwork, and release products that allow you to enjoy the essence of leather. 100% domestically produced by a group of craftsmen who love leather.

Founded in 1925, Mitake Sangyo initially produced smoke pipes, but after the war, they shifted to making leather belts and other items in line with lifestyle changes. In 2000, the brand name "Kanna" was launched, and in 2004, the brand name was changed to "ANNAK", reading "KANNA" backwards. A planer is an indispensable tool for higher-grade techniques, such as finishing men's dress belts. Craftsmanship inherited is included in the brand name.

ANNAK's original washed leather items with a unique presence overcome the disadvantage of hardening leather after washing with water due to its unique oil formulation. Furthermore, by adding manual work, it achieves a vintage feel and softness. Leather items that incorporate a sense of trend can be matched with a wide range of styles, and have a high quality that can be coordinated with business styles.