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biancabianca (Bianca bianca) Candle artist, Maiko Akizawa handmade candles


An empty candle that looks like a sketched painting. A sea candle that shines mysteriously like the galaxy. Biancabianca candles, which are characterized by their eye-catching pictorial expressions, have a charm that can be seen and enjoyed even when they are not lit.

biancabianca candles are made by candle artist Maiko Akizawa. Self-taught to learn how to make candles, and launched a brand.

The brand name “bianca” is an Italian feminine noun, meaning “fair-skinned”. Adding white to any color gives it a gentle, “soft” color. Mr. Akizawa's wish is to make your heart "softer" so that you can mysteriously calm your mind by lighting the candle.

The sky candle with beautiful blue color is popular. Based on the blue individual, I express it like drawing a cloud with white. It's like looking at one small painting, and when you hold it up to the sky, it becomes one. The way it melts like the setting sun when lit is very artistic.

In addition, Mr. Akizawa's unique sense of color is beautifully expressed in candles, such as a round candle featuring a delicate gradation of planet motifs.

Biancabianca candles are not only used as candles to light and enjoy, but also as interior decorations to create a bright and refreshing atmosphere. Why don't you incorporate it into a special day or a casual daily scene?