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February (Futatsuki) Handmade hair accessory brand by accessory artists Hitomi Sasaki and Yoshimasa Kato

February (Futatsuki)

"Futatsuki" is a hair accessory brand created by accessory artist Hitomi Sasaki and accessory artist Yoshimasa Kato. The origin of the brand name comes from the fact that Mr. Sasaki and Mr. Kato were born in the same February.

Hitomi Sasaki's jewelry brand "sasakihitomi" develops accessories that are popular with many women. Unique and cute items that make use of drawing skills and design have captured the hearts of women and won't let go.

>When Mr. Sasaki was a student, he worked part-time at a women's wig company. From that time on, he began to think that he wanted to make hair ornaments himself. While gaining experience and learning as an accessory maker, I met Mr. Kato, who is also an accessory maker, and in February 2016, the brand “Futatsuki” was born.

The motifs of the works are animals and plants that Mr. Sasaki is good at. Mr. Kato, who specializes in simple motifs, added a design to this, creating a hair ornament with a cute and deformed taste of plants and fish. Items are flat and uniform for easy use as hair clips and barrettes. Yet it has a strong presence because of its bold silhouette and deformed cuteness and fashion. Rather than simply holding it in your hand as a barrette, it's probably because the two of you are filled with your thoughts that make you think, "Which child should I accompany you today?" Just as Mr. Sasaki was moved by coloring a woman's hair, I hope that the "February (Futatsuki)" accessories will lead to a chain reaction of various emotions and joys.