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500 yen OFF coupon for friend registration! LINE Official Account


IMPROVE MYSELF leather shoes/leather boots

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“IMPROVE MYSELF MYSELF is a brand that mainly deals with men's leather shoes and leather boots in Kitasenju, Tokyo, where many factories related to leather shoes and leather products are concentrated.んの自社ブランドです。

The brand name IM PROVE MYSELF has accumulated skills and knowledge in shoe making. While respecting good old things, we add our new ideas and sensibilities and improve ourselves through the pursuit of better manufacturing. The desire to go is includedめられています。

Originally, Shibuya Shoe made as a major subcontractor, but based on the experience of being involved in shoe making for many years in 2009, IMPROVE MYSELF started IMPROVE MYSELF. Quality and affordability are attractive頃な価格が魅力です。

“IMPROVE MYSELF is designed by Takamasa Kuwahara Takayoshi Kuwahara. By combining parts such as eyelets and shoelaces that casually add originality to the classic style, and by combining soft materials and soles with a design that tends to be hard It is a design that adds a modern sensibility while making use of the know-how of skilled shoemakers.となっています。