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500 yen OFF coupon for friend registration! LINE Official Account


RE.ACT leather wallets/leather accessories


Develop leather items selected from Japan and overseas, including "Aizome leather" dyed with natural Yamato indigo.

"RE.ACT LEATHER WORKS" is a brand created by designer Mitsutoshi Nakayama. We do not dare to set a brand theme, but mainly leather items such as leather wallets, leather accessories, bags, etc., and we are widely disseminating products with free and natural designs that can be enjoyed in various moods and situations.

Mitsutoshi Nakayama went independent after experiencing planning and sales work at an apparel brand and launched "RE.ACT LEATHER WORKS". The brand name "RE.ACT" has the meaning of "reacting to stimulation", and it is because Mr. Nakayama wants to reflect the stimulation he has received from travel, vintage items such as second-hand clothes, and culture in his manufacturing. is named.

"RE.ACT" leather items are made with carefully selected materials from both Japan and overseas, such as "Aizome leather", which is made by dyeing domestic full tanned tanro leather (tanned leather that is easy to dye) with natural Yamato indigo. use. In addition, at our factory in Japan, which was founded in 1974, we are creating leather items that can be used for a long time, taking advantage of the manufacturing methods, know-how, and manufacturing spirit that we have accumulated since our founding.