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TSUKIKUSA Leather products, leather wallets, leather accessories, genuine leather, Italian leather

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TSUKIKUSA is a brand created by leather artist Kanji Toyota in Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture. With a simple design that can be used for a long time, we create leather wallets and leather products that are comfortable to wear and become your own the more you use them.
After graduating from university, Mr. Toyoda worked in sales at a company that handles Japanese drums and portable shrines in Asakusa, Tokyo. While interacting with many craftsmen, I wanted to be involved in manufacturing myself, so I changed jobs to a leather goods manufacturer. After five and a half years of manufacturing and selling leather goods, he became independent in 2015 and launched his original brand "TSUKIKUSA".

The brand name "TSUKIKUSA" comes from the traditional Japanese color "Moon grass color" expressed by indigo dyeing. Among the leather used in TSUKIKUSA's products, the one that attracted Mr. Toyoda the most was the unique pale blue leather. The color is closer to the traditional color “Tsukisoiro”, and the name of the color that gives an impression of purity is used as the brand name. By making the brand name a Japanese name, we also want to be conscious of the spirit of manufacturing that has been inherited in Japan.

TSUKIKUSA's leather items have a simple design, but we pursue usability down to the smallest detail, so you can fully enjoy the richness and beauty of the leather's expression. In addition, it is carefully and precisely handcrafted and has durability that can be used for a long time.