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500 yen OFF coupon for friend registration! LINE Official Account


New life gift, job celebration/interior object

Spring is the season when new life begins.
We have collected items that can be added to your new life, whether your environment is changing or not. Would you like to decorate your new life in the spring of 2024?



The best leather belt in Japan, created with a lot of time and effort.

The finish shows the skill of skilled craftsmen everywhere. A uniquely handmade taste that cannot be found with commercially available products.

Daddy's original leather belt is made only from carefully selected raw hides from Tochigi Leather, one of the world's leading tanners.
The leather is approximately 4.5mm thick and is extremely rare. It has a moist and supple feel.

[2 colors] Dady Tochigi Leather Twice Tannin Leather Belt Men's 30mm width [DD1206]


Italian leather business card holder with a streamlined design that will change over time.

An ultra-thin business card holder that is only 1cm thick even when filled with contents. Designed with ease of removal in mind.

Contains 20 standard thickness business cards (0.2mm). It has a simple structure with no waste, and the thickness of the business card body is kept to about 6mm.
The more you use TSUKIKUSA's leather items, the deeper the color will deepen, and the oil-rich surface will develop a luster and feel smooth in your hands without any special care. The more you use it, the more you like it. The longer you use it, the more its value increases, and it will become your very own "favorite item" that you can't part with.

[5 colors] TSUKIKUSA thin business card holder [Nazuna] [CAC-1]


The beautiful gradation created by careful hand polishing is attractive. A premium long wallet with a simple and mature atmosphere.

Can be used for business or daily use!

It has a slim thickness that suits your business style, and it won't add bulk to your bag. It looks slim but has plenty of storage space. The simple design is easy to match with both suits and casual wear.

Available in 3 colors with a mature atmosphere

georgia green

Parley Classic (no coin purse) [PC-07PM-GRN]


Royal Blue

Parley Classic (no coin purse) [PC-07PM-BLUE]


raspberry red

Parley Classic (no coin purse)


Make your coin purse smart!

Parley Classic
Horseshoe-shaped coin purse [PC-01]



A tissue case made from canvas produced in Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture. It is characterized by a rustic and natural atmosphere.

A simple and natural design that blends into your room. Space saving unique to hanging type. You can also store kitchen paper.

Easy to use. Just put the entire tissue box in and tie the string at the top! It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as hanging it near the refrigerator or bathroom, or using it in the car.

You can also wash it at home, so you can use it for a long time. The more you use it, the more the fabric will get used to it, and it will take on the soft look that is unique to canvas.

MOUNTAIN DA CHERRY Kurashiki Canvas No. 4 Canvas Box Tissue Case Unbleached [MDC-BT-KI]


Introducing a knitted spray cover that can be used to hide the flashy spray packaging and display it as is!

Rich color variations

Make the spray bottle you use every day cute and stylish. The cable knit knit will make you feel relaxed.

This knitted spray cover is a cute way to decorate spray packages, which tend to look like they're used to life. With a simple design that is easy to match with the atmosphere of various rooms, the spray bottle that you don't want to show can become an interior display.

[5 colors] 226 (Tsutsumu) Knit spray cover that wraps your life typeA (A line) [SP-05-20001-00]


I pray that this joy of meeting you will be conveyed to you... A table clock that keeps track of the time for the two of you.

The two dwarfs kiss in the corner of the clock. This is a table clock version of Kobito's object "Sweet November."

The two, who share a gentle kiss, are in a long-distance relationship. I can't see you when I want to, and when I can't see you, I think of you. When can we meet? How many times should the hands of the clock turn before we can meet? I wish today could last forever...
We will carve out the sweet moments of lovers one by one.
To your loved ones who are far away... Also to your loved ones who are nearby...

Koizumi Tadashi Kobito's Clock "Long Distance Love" [KO-WC-02]


Many other! Recommended items for your new life