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Bird lovers gather! Bird motif accessories special feature

We have collected accessories such as rings, earrings, and necklaces with various bird motifs, such as cute parrots and sparrows, as well as impactful shoebills.

As anniversaries for familiar animals, there are Cat Day on February 22nd and Dog Day on November 11th, but do you know Bird Day? It seems that February 8th and the 28th of every month are "Chicken Days" after the puns that read 2 (ni) and 8 (wa) for chickens.
There are so many other anniversaries related to birds! Why don't you make your "favorite bird" day a memorable one? A must-see for bird lovers!

anniversary of birds

January 20: Long-tailed long-tailed long-tailed long-tailed long-tailed long-tailed long-tailed long-tailed long-tailed long-tailed bird that lives in Hokkaido.
February 8, Chicken Day From the pun that reads "Niwa (8) Tori" (chicken). In June 1978, the "Japan Poultry Association" established Chicken Day as a memorial day. As related anniversaries, the 28th of every month is also “Chicken Day”, “Good (11) Egg (05)”, and November 5th is “Good Egg Day”.
March 20 World Sparrow Day Established by the Indian NPO Nature Forever Society.
2nd Saturday of May World Migratory Bird Day (also 2nd Saturday of October)
One day each in spring and autumn, when migratory birds migrate. Established by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), a subsidiary body of the United Nations General Assembly .
May 10: Pet Bird Day This day was established with the purpose of spreading the importance of protecting the environment surrounding wild birds when wild birds begin to become more active.
May 10-16 Bird Week
Established by the Bird Conservation Liaison Council to spread the idea of ​​protecting wild birds in Japan.
June 15th Parrot and Parakeet Day
Established by NPO TSUBASA, a domestic bird rescue group, from the pun that reads "Parrot" on June 15, "Parakeet" .
August 10th: Pigeon Day Enacted by Toshimaya Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells confectionery such as “Hato Sable”.
August 10th is the day of symbiosis between birds and people Established by Fujinaga Co., Ltd., which is active nationwide as a comprehensive consultant for bird damage control.
September 6 Crow Day The Crow Tomo no Kai, which publishes the crow magazine "CROW'S", was established based on a pun that reads "Crow", which means "crow" in English with "9" and "6". .
2nd Saturday of October World Migratory Bird Day (also 2nd Saturday of May)
Similar to Migratory Bird Day in May.
October 24, Buncho Day Established by Miyoko Ito, a writer who is familiar with "buncho". A pun to read ``te (10) ni (2) shi (4) awase'' (happiness in hands), the fact that chicks of hand-riding Java sparrows are on the market at this time, and the number "1024" can represent the appearance of Java sparrows. from.
November 15 Good parakeet day “Good (11) parakeet (15)” established by stationery maker Sekisei Co., Ltd.

Bird motif accessory recommended items

Silver workshop AramaRoots Mochi sparrow ring Silver 925 18,700

marship handmade accessories long-tailed petite pendant necklace silver 13,970

sasakihitomi Accessory artist, Hitomi Sasaki Tsubame and star earrings, one ear, brass & silver 925 7,700

DECOvienya Handmade accessories Cojurin ring Silver 13,200

S Japanese Pattern Accessory Artist Saori Miura Java Sparrow x Autumn Leaves Overlay Silver Concho 10,450

[Choose from 2 colors] marship Handmade accessories Cockatiel stretch necklace One leg stretch Silver 20,900

sasakihitomi Accessory artist Hitomi Sasaki Swan Earrings Silver & White Pearl Set of 2 16,500

marship Handcrafted Accessories Shoebill Ring Silver 34,980

moge Handcrafted silver accessories Flying Dream - Whale and Penguin - Silver ring 11mm 22,000

List of recommended items