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DEEP BLUE (deep blue) 10oz switching tapered denim pants Distressed processing [72822-2] Okayama Kurashiki Kojima jeans brand

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"DEEP BLUE" is a women's denim brand born in Kojima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture. Since its founding in 1948, Maeno Co., Ltd., a long-established store that has been producing workwear and school uniforms in Kojima for many years, has been working on this brand since 2001.

In Kojima, cotton cultivation and the cotton industry flourished in the Edo period, and now it is one of Japan's leading textile industries, starting with jeans. This town has everything you need for jeans production, such as high-quality fabrics, durable sewing, and advanced fabric processing technology. “DEEP BLUE” also offers basic and reasonable tops that go well with jeans that were born in an ideal manufacturing environment.

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These denim pants have a deep rise and are comfortable to wear, and are loose around the waist for easy movement.

The tapered type with a silhouette that tapers toward the hem gives your feet a neat look, so you can wear it with a slightly smart look.

The fabric thickness is 10 ounces and light. It is an item that can be worn regardless of the season.

The model is 165cm tall, size 9, and wears size M. ≪Click the image to enlarge≫

These tapered pants are perfect for those who want to wear clean and slim denim without being overwhelmed, but skinny jeans are too tight.

The loose design around the waist and buttocks makes it easy to move around in, and the rise is deep instead of low rise, so you can wear it around your waist. Roll up the hem to make it even lighter, and you can enjoy coordinating it with socks.

Zip fly on the front

There is also a coin pocket

fabric expansion

The back pocket has a button only on the left side

Enlarged hem
The front is a zipper fly. The pockets on both sides are cut diagonally, and there is also a coin pocket.

The back style switching and pocket design are casual and unique. The buttons are only on the left side, and the asymmetrical feel is stylish.

As for the color, it is a dark blue that is close to navy blue. The name is used, but the damage is not clearly visible, and the overall marbling is slightly stronger, giving it a gentle texture that looks like it has been washed several times.

Notes on ordering and handling
Depending on the time of order, it may be backordered. In that case, you may have to wait for about 1 week to 10 days until arrival, but we would appreciate your understanding in advance.
Item Number 72822-2
Material/processing 98% cotton, 2% polyurethane, made in Japan
size S, M, L

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