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【little stock! ] DEEP BLUE Compact Cotton Katsuragi Stretch Slim Tapered Trousers [73990]

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【little stock! ]
Compact cotton Katsuragi stretch

Slim tapered trousers [73990]

"DEEP BLUE" is a women's denim brand born in Kojima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture. Since its founding in 1948, Maeno Co., Ltd., a long-established store that has been producing workwear and school uniforms in Kojima for many years, has been working on this brand since 2001.

In Kojima, cotton cultivation and the cotton industry flourished in the Edo period, and now it is one of Japan's leading textile industries, starting with jeans. This town has everything you need for jeans production, such as high-quality fabrics, durable sewing, and advanced fabric processing technology. “DEEP BLUE” also offers basic and reasonable tops that go well with jeans that were born in an ideal manufacturing environment.

This time, we have introduced stretch slim pants made of elegant cotton material that can be worn in any season from Deep Blue!

whole front
whole front
whole front
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These pants are made of compact cotton, which is an elegant material with less fuzz and "glossy" and "glossy".
Although the pants are slim, they are stretchy, making them easy to move around in. The high-quality feel of the compact cotton makes them extremely comfortable to wear! It's just the right amount of thinness regardless of the season, so you'll want to wear it all year round...♪

whole front
after the whole
Model is 152cm tall, size 7-9, wears SS size, brown <<Click image to enlarge>>

It is loose around the waist and tapers towards the hem. The sophisticated and simple design allows you to wear it neatly and neatly.

It's slim and has a neat design around the waist, so it's easy to match under a tunic or dress, and I think it's useful on chilly days.

As you can see in the image above, you can pair it with a light shirt, or because it has a deep rise, you can wear it with a short T-shirt or tank top.

The point is the texture of Katsuragi stretch that has a work taste, and the elegant luster and luster of compact cotton. Perfect for casual style! However, we also recommend pairing it with a beautiful jacket or heeled pumps.

Zip fly on the front

simple back style

Expansion of hem

fabric expansion

The front is easy to wear with a zipper fly!
Katsuragi stretch cotton polyurethane mixed fabric is finished with a texture that is slightly rough and has a work taste.

The luster and luster of compact cotton create an elegant texture.

Item Number 73990
Material/processing 95% cotton, 5% polyurethane, made in Japan
size SS, S, M, L, LL

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