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ORGANIC GARDEN Yak Wool & Supima Cotton Ribbed Thigh High Socks Moku Gray [8-8262]

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Koryo Town in Nara Prefecture is a sock town that accounts for about 40% of the sock production in Japan. In recent years, the ratio of imports from overseas has increased in the sock industry, and the textile-related company volunteers in Koryo-cho who felt a sense of crisis about this situation established the brand "ORGANIC GARDEN" in 1994. .

As the brand name suggests, organic garden items use organic cotton as the main material. Organic cotton is grown on land that has not been sprayed with chemical fertilizers or pesticides for three years or more, and is cotton that has not undergone any chemical treatment such as bleaching or shrink-proofing. It does not contain chemical substances, so it is gentle on the skin and has a soft texture compared to chemically treated cotton.

This [ORGANIC GARDEN Yak Wool x Supima Cotton Ribbed Thigh-High Socks] is made of supima cotton with a supple texture and elegant luster, and high-quality natural fiber yak. Gently wrap your legs! It has a unique and gentle texture that you can't find anywhere else, and it's a great pair of socks, so we recommend it as a gift!

Gentleness of nature and comfort full of warmth

Socks with a rustic and gentle texture

light fabric

1x1 rib knit

Wearing example
The model is a woman, wearing a sample
The organic cotton used is one of the finest cottons called "Supima cotton" and is grown in the southwestern United States, one of the world's leading cotton producing areas. A rare extra-long staple cotton. The longer the fiber length of cotton, the higher the quality.

When we think of wool, we think of a prickly feel, but this is a blend of Supima cotton, which has a supple texture, and yak hair, which is soft to the touch, so it is warm, soft and comfortable to wear. . These socks are full of warmth and kindness unique to nature!

These socks are long enough to reach the base of your thighs. Recommended for those who don't like tights because the waist is loose, and for those who are looking for a warm maternity item! Although the fabric is thin, it will keep your feet warm and warm.
1x1 rib with excellent elasticity is used. It fits gently from the toe to the root of the leg.

These socks have a rustic texture and colors, so they go well with natural outfits! Layer with tights on cold winter days. Or wear it under your pants! It's thin, so it's easy to use, and it's also attractive. We also recommend using the long length for a cute style that goes well with a dress or skirt.

Made with premium natural fiber yak hair
yak hair
Yaks inhabit highlands at altitudes of 3,500-4,500m, mainly in the Tibetan Plateau. A member of the cattle family that originated in the highlands of Tibet, it is now bred as livestock in western Asia and other regions. It's a livestock that can't be done.

Yak's long and thick hair protects against snow, and the abundant downy hair has a lustrous, soft texture, sliminess, elasticity, and high heat retention, making it one of the best natural fibers. Rare yak hair, which is a high-quality animal hair comparable to cashmere, has excellent heat retention and is soft to the touch.

Notes on ordering and handling
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Item Number 8-8262
Material/processing 55% cotton (organic cotton), 25% wool (yak), 15% nylon, 5% polyurethane (natural rubber material used for opening)
Color magnolia gray
size 22-24cm (Women's size only)
Length from heel to mouth: about 62cm (elastic)

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