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[Choose from 3 colors] ORGANIC GARDEN Stain-dyed/unbleached 5-finger loafer socks for men and women [8-8185]

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ORGANIC GARDEN is a brand established in 1994 by volunteers of textile-related companies in Koryo-cho, Nara Prefecture, which accounts for about 40% of the production of socks in Japan.
As the brand name indicates, organic garden items use organic cotton as the main material.

A must-have sock for loafer style and fashionable bare feet!

You can choose from 4 colors
▲ Earth red (pink)

▲ Off-white (no dyeing)

▲Earth gray (dyed with volcanic ash from Bali, Indonesia)

▲Brown cotton (organic brown cotton not dyed)

“Unbleached” that is the same color as organic cotton, and “brown cotton” that is the same as organic brown cotton. And you can choose from three colors of "Earth Gray" dyed with the ancient dyeing method "Hanizome".

"Earth Gray" is dyed with gray made from volcanic ash in Bali! You can enjoy the natural colors of these socks, which are carefully dyed.

Hanizome is an ancient dyeing technique that has been revived in modern times. Bright red and yellow natural soil is purified and fixed to the fiber structure without using any mordants.
After removing impurities from carefully selected soil and sterilizing it, it is further refined to become a dye. Therefore, it does not contain any harmful substances. Another major feature is that the color hardly fades in the sunlight, unlike "plant dyeing" that fades in sunlight.

Works great in places you can't see. Thin five fingers that protect your feet from stuffiness
The shallow length makes it neat and hard to see!

fabric expansion

Comfortable to wear as room socks

Good to match with pumps

Not only loafers and slip-ons, but also sneakers, etc. It's a size that stays in a position where you can see it or not, and it's casual and cute.

It is thin and stretches well, and fits well on any foot shape. In addition, the 5-toe socks gently wrap each finger, so you can stay dry and comfortable all day long without stuffiness between your fingers. In addition, by spreading the toes, it becomes easier to walk, and these five-toe socks are good for your health.

Socks, which secretly play an important role in invisible shoes, are an excellent item that can be fashionable and healthy.
Notes on ordering and handling
Although we are making every effort to keep stock in stock, it may take up to a week to receive items if they are out of stock or if you have ordered multiple items. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the number of items in stock or when they will arrive.

■Materials/Processing: 80% organic cotton, 15% nylon, 5% polyurethane (natural rubber material used for opening)
■Colors: 4 colors: earth gray, unbleached, brown cotton (brown), and earth red (pink) ■Size: 22.5-24.5cm (women's), 25-27cm (men's)

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