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ORGANIC GARDEN Organic Cotton Rib Haramaki Cotton Ladies [8-8810]

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Koryo Town in Nara Prefecture is a sock town that accounts for about 40% of the sock production in Japan. In recent years, the ratio of imports from overseas has increased in the sock industry, and the textile-related company volunteers in Koryo-cho who felt a sense of crisis about this situation established the brand "ORGANIC GARDEN" in 1994. .

Warm in spring, autumn and winter, and for cooling in summer.
A thin and smooth ribbed belly band that can be used in all seasons.

The organic cotton material on the front and sides gently warms your stomach.

Elasticity that stretches moderately.
It fits comfortably around the waist but does not constrict.
(adaptive size: waist 58-77cm)

It's thin, so it doesn't show through tops or bottoms. Perfect for the light season.
It does not get stuffy and is also recommended as a countermeasure against the cold in the summer.

The thin and smooth texture feels good.
Since there is no rubber, even people with sensitive skin can wear it without worry.

elastic rib knit

This bellyband is knitted in a tubular shape, so it has no seams and is comfortable to the touch.
The length is long enough to fully cover your waist.

It is thin and does not get stuffy, so it is also recommended for cooling in the summer and as a countermeasure against the cold.
It is a must-have item that relieves physical discomfort caused by coldness.

It is also a nice point that you can wash it by hand at home.

Available in easy-to-use colors. Available in 4 natural colors

The color is a gentle shade dyed with natural color.

Brown uses color organic cotton brown cotton and is uncolored.
For pink and gray, we use honey-dyed organic cotton yarn that is colored with pigments from the stratum.
Produced using uncolored white organic cotton.

Recommended as a neck warmer or hair band for relaxing or sleeping.
It is soft and comfortable to wear and gently wraps around your neck and head.

It can also be used as a small gift that won't distract your loved ones.

Coldness is said to be the source of all diseases.
Especially the coldness of the stomach affects health and physical condition.
Warming the stomach warms the uterus, so it is recommended not only for those who are sensitive to cold, but also for those who are trying to conceive or are pregnant.

Would you like to feel free to warm up with a convenient haramaki that can be used not only as a belly band but also as a neck warmer and hair band?

Not only can it be used for yourself, but it is also recommended as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, White Day, Mother's Day, Respect for the Aged Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and White Day.


Material/processing 90% cotton (organic cotton)
Nylon 5%
Polyurethane 5%
made in Japan
size Flat dimensions: about 23cm x 33cm
Waist: about 58cm-77cm
Weight: 20g
*There are some individual differences in size.
Color Ivory (kinari), brown cotton (brown)
Earth red (pink), Earth gray

Points to note when ordering

・Although we are making every effort to keep the items in stock, it may take up to a week to receive the items if they are out of stock or if you have ordered multiple items. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, such as stock status or arrival time.

・You can wash your hands at home. Due to the characteristics of the material, it may shrink slightly, so please hang it in the shade after washing.

Please refrain from using bleach, dryers, dry cleaning, ironing, or tumble drying at home.

・If there is a pill, do not pull it forcibly and cut it with scissors or pill remover so that you do not notice the knitted fabric.

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