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DECOvienya handmade accessories crow ear cuff silver 925 one ear mens ladies [DE-190]

Original price $89.70 - Original price $89.70
Original price
$89.70 - $89.70
Current price $89.70
tax included

[Made-to-order] 10 days to 2 weeks

A cute rabbit with round eyes. A sheep with fluffy, warm fur. Chipmunks and flying squirrels live in the forest, and rats live modestly in houses.

Small animals and familiar livestock are the motifs of “DECOvienya” accessories. The realities that animals face every day are expressed as accessories with realistic cuteness and sometimes dark humor.

Flapping Crow Ear Cuffs The dynamic movement of the wings is attractive.

The expression of the feather of the bird is delicately expressed. The movement of the wings that are slightly different on the left and right makes it feel more realistic.

An ear cuff that captures the moment it perches on a branch

Three-dimensional effect seen from above

The base of the ear cuff is a delicate branch. The branch part has a silvery look.

A dish you want to enjoy as an object

Crow ear cuffs with a cool impression.

The crow body has a matte texture, giving it a mature look.

The black color of the crow is not painted or plated, but a process that directly changes the surface of the silver, so the more you use it, the more the base metal silver will appear, creating a unique texture. It's also nice to see how it's aged.

Atmosphere like trying to get caught in the ear

There is an impact even when viewed from the side.

Glossy silver that shines casually

The unique ear cuffs are sure to attract attention.

Ear cuffs with large wings that make a statement. The appearance that seems to perch on your ears gives a lovely and stylish impression.

For the accent of the simple clothing.
Recommended for Halloween, rock punk, and gothic fashion.

Not only for yourself, but also as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, White Day, Christmas, etc.


Material/processing Silver 925 (silver925) / black processing
size [Motif size] Height: about 22.5mm x width: about 23.5mm
[ear cuff diameter] up to 24.5cm
*You can adjust the ear cuff by slowly unfolding it.
*Because each item is handmade, there may be slight individual differences in size.
weight about 6g

Precautions when purchasing

Basically it will be produced after ordering, and it will take about 10 days to 1 month to deliver. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, such as stock status or arrival time.

Production may be delayed due to the artist's circumstances (such as when a solo exhibition is held or when orders are concentrated). In that case, we will inform you of the delivery date again from our store.

Wipe off perspiration with a soft cloth, and avoid using polishing cloths and cleaning solutions. The texture may change. Silver cleaning solution can be used for white items.

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