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graphzero Brace D Pocket Overall Indigo Herringbone Denim Men's [GZ-BROA-0207-IDHB]

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$203.63 - $214.35
Current price $203.63
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Ships in 1-5 business days (depending on availability)

Graphzero is a craftsman denim brand from Kojima, Kurashiki, which is known as Japan's number one jeans-producing town.

Introducing graphzero overalls with the essence of European vintage and American vintage.

Combining functionality and fashion, this unique item is irresistible for overalls lovers.

Suspender shoulders that are unfamiliar with overalls.

The D pocket is reminiscent of the American style of the '50s.

This overall has suspenders on the shoulders, and has a unique design that you won't find anywhere else.

In addition, the D pocket with a zipper fly and the double knee specification that integrates the pocket and the knee pad provide functionality.

You can enjoy a vintage-like American casual outfit.

Excellent compatibility with jeans and coveralls!

Model is 182cm (male) and wears size L

side back

These vintage-like overalls go well with American casual and outdoor style outfits.

The overall length is long and the size is roomy. The color is easy to coordinate and can be worn all year round.

It is also recommended to wear a work jacket over it.

A deformed pocket with excellent functionality that comes in handy when you go out.

It's an interesting design as well.

Anyway, the D pocket with a zipper is functional.
You can use it for whatever you like, such as holding a pen or storing your mobile phone.

The zipper pocket can be put in and taken out from both the side and the top.

Shoulder with suspenders. The soft rubber material allows you to adjust the length to your liking.

Back side of shoulder.

Double knee design with integrated pocket and knee pads. Excellent design and durability.

Button fly at crotch. Details with a vintage feel.

back pocket

The small pocket near the knee is also stylish.

The inseam is made with a gusset.

If you roll it up and wear it, it will give you a different impression.

Indigo herringbone denim with light indigo for the warp and gray for the weft.

A special piece packed with work taste. Recommended as a gift or present.

Can be used by both men and women.

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brand graphzero / Channel Inc. / HEART MADE BASE
material 100% cotton (12 oz denim)
Color indigo (herringbone denim)
size XS・S・M・L・XL
3L will be +1540 yen (tax included).

Points to note when ordering

Some items may be out of stock depending on the timing of your order. In that case, you may have to wait for about 1 week to 10 days until arrival, but we would appreciate your understanding in advance.

Please note that the color may transfer due to friction or getting wet with water.

When washing, we recommend washing separately. When storing, store in a dark place away from light to prevent fading due to light.


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