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graphzero (graph zero) double knee shorts 11oz Kendo denim x broken twill denim men's [GZ-DKSP-0404] Okayama Kurashiki Kojima jeans brand half pants shorts shorts

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Graphzero is a craftsman denim brand from Kojima, Kurashiki, which is known as Japan's number one jeans-producing town.

Denim shorts that combine broken twill and denim with graphzero's original Kendo uniform pattern.

You can also enjoy the work-style details seen in the overalls and the unique pattern differences.

Shorts recommended for summer, with sashiko patterns of kendo wear on the pockets and double knees.
11 oz is light and soft, so it is comfortable to wear.

Work shorts made by combining 11oz broken twill denim and 11oz kendo denim.

Double-knee shorts with many features found in work pants, such as tool pockets, pen holders, and hammer loops.

The playful original fabric of graphzero is eye-catching.

Slightly tight and slender silhouette. A timeless silhouette that is neither thick nor thin.

Model is 182cm (male) and wears size M


It's denim with a pattern, but the overall color has a sense of unity, so you can easily enjoy coordinating it.

It has an exquisite length that doesn't look childish, and the pattern of kendo-gi denim is a casual accent to your outfit.

In addition, the classic one-wash color makes it easy to match with various outfits.
Combine it with a mountain parka or summer jacket for an even more mature look.

Pockets of various shapes and kendo denim that is incorporated like a patchwork

The warp is dyed with indigo rope, and the weft has a two-tone border pattern made of indigo, which has a bright color.

The uneven lattice pattern is also attractive.

Soft touch 11oz denim

In a typical twill weave, the twill line appears toward the upper right (right twill), or the diagonal twill appears from the upper left to the lower right (left twill), but the broken twill weave is twill. Because the fabric is arranged in opposite directions at regular intervals, twill lines do not appear.

Therefore, compared to twill fabric, it is less likely to twist and has a soft texture.

Popular brands include Levi's with right twill, LEE with left twill, and in the 1960s Wrangler with broken twill.

The vintage buttons found in various places and the specifications unique to work pants have a high-quality adult item.

Except for the top button, it's a hiyoku type, so it gives a clean impression.
The original iron button is used for the front button.

The front pocket can fit a key case or a smartphone.

It has a back pocket and a hammer loop on the left side, so it's a great specification for those who like work taste. Also, the UFO rivets used for reinforcement have a vintage feel.

This is also a tool pocket often seen in work pants.
A pocket designed to hold scales, screwdrivers, etc.

Because it is light and thin, it is recommended for travel and overnight camping where luggage tends to be bulky.

The indigo color that fades and changes as you wear it, which can be said to be the personality of denim pants. If you wear it in the dark navy blue that you just purchased, it will look classy, ​​and if you wear it with denim that has faded and faded, it will look rough. This is the charm of denim fabric.

These shorts can be worn until autumn depending on how you coordinate your tops and outerwear.
It is a useful item because it is easy to match with a patterned top as well as a simple design.

Not only for yourself, but also as a gift for birthdays, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Respect for the Aged Day, etc.


brand graphzero / Channel Inc. / HEART MADE BASE
Fabric/processing 100% cotton/Broken twill, kendogi denim (one wash)
size XS・S・M・L・XL・3L

Points to note when ordering

Some items may be out of stock depending on the timing of your order. In that case, you may have to wait for about 1 week to 10 days until arrival, but we would appreciate your understanding in advance.

Please note that the color may transfer due to friction or getting wet with water.

When washing, we recommend washing separately. When storing, store in a dark place away from light to prevent fading due to light.

Please refrain from tumble drying. It will cause shrinkage.

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