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graphzero Reversible Short Pants -Native- Purple [GZ-RBNS-0304-PL]

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Graphzero is a craftsman denim brand from Kojima, Kurashiki, which is known as Japan's number one jeans-producing town.

10oz denim shorts printed with graphzero's original Navajo pattern.
It is designed based on Baker pants in vintage military.

Depending on your mood, you can choose from two colors for the back and front, so you can expand your range of coordination.

You can enjoy the difference in impression between the denim side and the Navajo pattern side.

It is comfortable to wear and the texture of the back side is considered, and it is easy to wear especially in the spring and summer seasons.

The pigment print is applied to the back side of the denim so that it can be worn on either side.
With normal denim, the front and back look different, but the point is that the back side is woven so that it has the same structure as the front side.

A moderate silhouette that is neither too thick nor too thin.

[Denim side] Model is 181cm (male) and wears size M

[Denim side] side and back

[Navajo pattern side] Stylish with a simple collared shirt

[Navajo pattern side] Side/back

We also recommend coordinating with a jacket and socks to protect against the cold outdoors or on the go.

It is very easy to match with American casual outfits and outdoor outfits.

It has an exquisite length that does not look childish, and the overall silhouette is relaxed.
The switching design is rare, and it is perfect for accenting your outfit.

In addition, the muted colors are not too flashy, and you can wear it with a mature impression.
Pair it with a dark colored mountain parka or summer jacket for a more mature look.

Specifications that focus on ease of use and comfort

The front button is a snap button, making it very easy to put on and take off unlike regular button fry pants.

The real pleasure of being reversible is that you can roll it up to switch tones.

10oz soft and light fabric

Soft 100% cotton denim fabric

The fabric will become familiar with each time you wear it, and you can enjoy the color fading and aging just like jeans.

Because it is light and thin, it is recommended for travel and overnight camping where luggage tends to be bulky.

These shorts can be worn until autumn depending on how you coordinate your tops and outerwear.
It is a very easy-to-use item that can be coordinated just by matching it with a top with a simple design.

Differences in specifications

You cannot choose different product specifications. Thank you for your understanding.


brand graphzero / Channel Inc. / HEART MADE BASE
material cotton 100%
Color purple
size XS・S・M・L・XL・3L・5L

Points to note when ordering

Some items may be out of stock depending on the timing of your order. In that case, you may have to wait for about 1 week to 10 days until arrival, but we would appreciate your understanding in advance.

Please note that the color may transfer due to friction or getting wet with water.

When washing, we recommend washing separately. When storing, store in a dark place away from light to prevent fading due to light.

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