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jouer avec moa? Handmade Resin Necklace "Anthem of Light" [JAM-02] Resin Accessories Ladies

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$163.16 - $163.16
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If you would like to adjust the length of the necklace, please fill in the remarks column.

[Made to order] 1 to 2 months

"jouer avec moa?" is an accessory brand that uses resin as its main material, which turns amber with time, and has a fantastic antique taste.

“jouer avec moa?” is created by Kaori Suzuki, an accessory artist. "jouer avec moa?" means "Would you like to play with me?" in French. While studying at Bunka Fashion College, she launched a brand with a friend, then studied abroad in London and worked at an accessory maker.

Kaori Suzuki was greatly influenced by French photographer Sarah Moon's photo book "CIRCUS", which was based on Hans Christian Andersen's "The Little Match Girl". The circus comes to a small town square, delivers a small amount of happiness to people for a short period of time, and then leaves for the next town...Like memories of the loneliness, loneliness, transience, and happy days that remain after that. , is making things that light up people's hearts.

A necklace with a rustic and lovely antique texture of freshwater pearls.

38cm neck length short necklace

Dried flowers are enclosed in the clear parts on the top.

Chain with freshwater pearls

The clasp is a crab claw type. The adjuster can be adjusted within a range of about 5.5 cm.

A handmade necklace with an antique design that is mature and cute.
A lot of freshwater pearls are used around the neck, and the elegance of pearls and the simplicity of irregular shapes match the atmosphere of jouer avec moa™ accessories.

The top is finished by carefully combining original resin parts with dried flowers enclosed one by one. It is a work with warmth unique to handmade.

Beautiful distortion that can be felt by using natural things such as freshwater pearls and flowers.
There is no same thing as one, for your own accessories.

The small freshwater pearls are modest and elegant.

The deep and three-dimensional jewel-cut resin makes the neck look stylish.

Compatibility with high-necked tops ◎

Earrings: Even if you wear them together with the Star Knitting Machine series products, you will have a unified taste.

White color that goes well with beautiful outfits. The clear, loose feeling effectively colors the décolleté beautifully.

Incorporating neat accessories into a casual outfit will create just the right amount of glamor and create a higher-grade outfit. It is an item that can be used in various scenes such as everyday use, parties, and bridal.

Would you like to spend time with accessories while feeling the antique melancholy that makes use of the characteristics of resin?

It turns into an amber-like candy color over time, making it an accessory that you will love forever.

Aging after 10 years

The resin that encapsulates the various parts changes to an amber-like candy color over time, giving it an even more antique feel.

An accessory that you will want to love forever.

I put it in original BOX and send it.

A cosmetic box where you can feel the world of jouer avec moa?. A burnt match is enclosed in resin.

Not only for yourself, but also recommended as a gift for birthdays, white days, Christmas, Mother's Day, Respect for the Aged Day, wedding anniversaries, etc.


Material/processing [Motif] Resin, beads, freshwater pearl [Chain] Freshwater pearl, brass (anti-allergy coating)
[Lobster claw adjuster] Brass (metal coating)
Size/Weight [neck circumference] about 37.5 cm (adjuster + 5.5 cm)
[Motif] Length: about 30mm (including swinging part), width: about 50mm
[Weight] 18g
*Because each item is handmade, there may be slight individual differences in size.

Precautions before purchase

It will take about 1 to 2 months for delivery after the order is placed. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, such as the arrival time.

Since natural flowers are used to enclose the parts in resin, the shape, color, and arrangement of each item will vary. We would appreciate it if you could order after understanding the handmade taste that makes the best use of nature.

Specifications of metal fittings and beads may change due to shortage of materials or discontinuation of production.

The warranty period is one month from delivery. During the warranty period, we will repair the product free of charge. Please note that we may not be able to repair damage or breakage due to negligence, or damage that cannot be considered during normal use.

Repair charges will be incurred for repaired products after the warranty period has expired. (Customers are responsible for the return shipping fee for the product).

Before production, we can adjust the length of the necklace free of charge. If you wish, please fill in the remarks column.

[Precautions for care and use]

The resin part is vulnerable to high temperatures , so please avoid storing in places exposed to direct sunlight or places that are prone to high temperatures.

After use, wipe gently with a soft cloth and store.

Sweat, sebum, moisture, perfume, body cream, etc., may cause discoloration or fading. Especially do not use it in the sea, hot springs, or pools.

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