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kobooriza Kobo Oriza MOJIRI Dry Cotton Short Muffler [K-SM-MJ04] Stole Scarf Shawl Women's Men's Ehime Prefecture Imabari Brand

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$28.54 - $28.54
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2 weeks (subject to availability)

"I'm surrounded by greenery and clear streams, and all I can hear is the nostalgic 'clack, clack' sound of the loom..." Kobo Oriza, which produces highly original shawls and scarves on traditional looms, is located deep in the mountains of Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, facing the Seto Inland Sea, in a place blessed with lush greenery and a relaxed atmosphere where time passes slowly.

At Kobo Oriza's old fashioned weaving machines have become an innovation that spins and produces comfortable fashion products that are enjoyed by people of all ages and genders.

Items made using traditional techniques are becoming more and more familiar with modern fashion. Just as threads intertwine, people and traditions intertwine... The products produced by Kobo Oriza seem to be a bridge connecting the past and the present.

This 100% cotton short scarf has a crisp, linen-like texture and volume. It has been specially processed to give it a smooth texture perfect for spring and summer.

A short scarf made of 100% cotton that feels like linen

It is woven using processed hemp yarn made from wheat starch extract coated with resin, giving it a mysterious texture that has a firm, linen-like firmness and toughness.
It is woven with a highly breathable Mozori weave, so it is highly breathable and quickly becomes comfortable even if it gets damp.
Although it is a compact size, it has a firm texture that gives it volume and shape.

Available in three vibrant, healthy colors.
It will add a sharp touch to your spring and summer outfits.

Because it is small, it looks vivid and creates a sophisticated look.

It's a compact snood-style garment. Twist it twice in front of your face, then bring both ends to the back of your neck and fold them inward.

An accent for men's flat outfits.

Just a quick knot will give it a fluffy look around your neck, creating a natural shape.
The total length is 120cm, which is neither too long nor too short. The length can be arranged in various ways, so you can wrap it compactly to keep your neck warm, or tie it tightly to accentuate your outfit...

The loosely woven twill weave gives it a sheer, cool feel.
It can also be used when you feel the cold of air conditioning, to protect your neck from the sun, and to cover your décolleté.

"Mojiri weave" for excellent breathability
No irritation despite the coarse grain.

Thin and dry texture, yet with the softness of cotton, for a hybrid look.

The edges are switched and the small fringe adds a subtle accent.

This scarf incorporates a technique called "mojiri weaving."
The weaving method makes the warp threads bind the weft threads, so the fabric does not loosen despite its coarse weave. It is characterized by its good breathability and the finished product has a light and soft texture.

It has a casual texture that is not too elegant, making it an item that can easily be worn by men as well.
It is also great to share with your spouse or partner.

It would also make a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Respect for the Aged Day, etc.

Material, processing, and size

Materials and Techniques 100% cotton (parasitic linen processing)
Mojiri weaving
size Size: Approx. 39cm x 120cm (including fringe)
Weight: Approx. 65g
*Size and weight may vary slightly from item to item.
Color Blue Green Coral

Precautions when purchasing and using

It will take about 3-4 weeks to make, depending on the stock situation. If it takes longer due to material procurement or other reasons, we will inform you in the confirmation email after you place your order. This is a product that is well worth the wait, so we hope you will understand and accept it before placing your order.

<Precautions for use>
●Dark colored items may transfer color due to friction while wearing. Please avoid excessive friction or use in wet places such as rain.
●As this is a delicate fabric, please be careful not to catch it on protruding objects such as buttons, earrings, necklaces or zippers.
●Fuzz may adhere to clothing.

<About maintenance>
Please wash gently by hand using a neutral detergent and cold or lukewarm water. Please refrain from using the hand wash mode on the washing machine.
After washing by hand, place in a laundry net and spin dry for 20 to 30 seconds. After spin drying, reshape the garment and dry it in the shade.
Do not use fluorescent brighteners or chlorine bleach .
Do not use tumble dryer.
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