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Kobooriza WAKKA Ring Stole [K-RS-KR03] Ladies Ehime Prefecture Imabari City Textile Brand

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2 weeks (subject to availability)

"The surroundings are greenery and clear streams, and you can hear the nostalgic sound of the loom 'gatchan gatchan'..." Kobo Oriza creates stoles and mufflers overflowing with originality using old-fashioned weaving machines.

Kobo Oriza's old-fashioned weaving looms have become an innovation that spins and creates comfortable fashion products that are loved by men and women of all ages.

Just pass it through to make your neck look stylish.
Soft and comfortable 100% cotton ring scarf

"I'm getting bored with how to wrap it", "I want to wear it stylishly, but it seems difficult..." A stylish stole that will clear your worries. Just put it on to make your neck look gorgeous, and even beginners can easily enjoy fashion.

The woven tubular stole has two slits of different lengths, and when you wear it, the upper fabric turns inside out and looks like two layers of fabric. It is a unique design with a beautiful vertical drape that seems to fall down.

Like a snood, it goes around your neck, so you don't have to worry about it coming off even on windy days.

It is divided into two major tones, and is composed of six colors with different shades.
Made of 100% high-quality combed cotton yarn, it is gentle on the skin.

Create a three-dimensional volume by making it into a ring shape and hanging it around your neck so that it hangs down in front of you.

The light sheerness goes well with spring and summer outfits.

The fringe is also colored.

Made of 100% high-quality cotton thread, gentle to the touch.
Regular threads are a little fuzzy, but the "combed thread" used here takes time to remove the fuzz, so the surface of the thread is aligned parallel. "Combed yarn" is known as a high-class yarn because it maintains its strength and smoothness even after being made into fabric.

This stole is made with a weaving method called "multiple plain weave". It is a weaving method in which two or more pieces of fabric are woven at the same time as if they were one piece by creating a joint point in the plain weave structure. It is softer and more voluminous than a single plain weave.

It has just the right amount of transparency and is refreshing enough to be used in summer.
The color design that switches between light and dark colors shows various expressions depending on the arrangement. Even just changing the front and back will change the atmosphere a little.

Simply tie it to create a sophisticated arrangement like an expert.
The overlapping colors are so beautiful.

How to wrap a knot hanging down the back

The casual movement of the fringe gives it a mature look.

Enjoy changing the color scheme over your shoulder

If you add it to a simple outfit such as a T-shirt and pants, it will be a fashionable and advanced look.
You can tie the hem, fold it, or wrap it in a unique way to make it look more mature.

It's thin, so it doesn't add bulk even when folded, so it's also recommended as a travel companion.

Not only for yourself, but also as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Respect for the Aged Day, White Day, etc.


Materials/Techniques 100% cotton, multiple plain weave
size Size: about 39cm x 115cm (including fringe)
*There are individual differences in size.
Color Old Rose, Olive, Lavender

Precautions when purchasing

Depending on the stock situation, it will take about 3 to 4 weeks for production. If more time is required due to material procurement, etc., we will notify you in a confirmation email after placing your order. This product is well worth the wait, so we would appreciate it if you could order it after understanding and acknowledging it.

<Precautions for use>
●Dark colors may transfer color due to friction while wearing. Please refrain from using it in places where it gets wet, such as excessive friction or rain.
●As this is a delicate fabric, please be careful not to get it caught on protruding objects such as buttons, earrings, necklaces, or zippers.
●Fluff may adhere to clothes.

<About maintenance>
Gently hand wash the product separately using water or lukewarm water with a neutral detergent. Please refrain from the hand-washing mode of the washing machine.
Do not use fluorescent brighteners or chlorine bleach.
Softeners may cause fluff to fall off. Please refrain from using it as much as possible.
●After washing by hand, gently remove moisture with a towel, etc., hang it on a pole in a well-ventilated shade, adjust its shape, and hang it to dry.
Do not tumble dry.

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