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kobooriza KUSHU Cotton Stole Cross Color [K-ST-KS03] Women's Men's Scarf Shawl 100% Cotton

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$57.07 - $57.07
Current price $57.07

Ships within 1-5 business days. If additional orders are being placed, ships within 2-3 weeks (depending on order status).

"I'm surrounded by greenery and clear streams, and all I can hear is the nostalgic 'clack, clack' sound of the loom..." Kobo Oriza produces highly original shawls and scarves on old-fashioned looms.

At Kobo Oriza's old fashioned weaving machines have become an innovation that spins and produces comfortable fashion products that are enjoyed by people of all ages and genders.

A wrinkled shawl made from shiny Egyptian cotton with a large check pattern that stands out against a blue base.

This stole is made by interweaving mercerized Egyptian extra-long staple cotton warp yarn with tightly twisted yarn.
Mercerizing cotton fibers creates a glossy finish and enhances the sense of luxury. It also reduces the fuzziness of the cotton material, giving it a clean look.

The highly wrinkled fabric has a crisp feel like linen and a bouncy softness.

This is a casual summer item with a blue base and accent lines.

Add this to a simple outfit to enhance transparency and create a three-dimensional look with the wrinkled finish.

Add a touch of freshness early into the chilly season.

A cool, transparent feel that makes you feel like you're wrapped in early summer air.

Block check with accent lines makes the main focus of the outfit

The base color is blue, giving it a refreshing early summer feel.

With its elegant transparency and softly wrinkled finish, it looks refreshing even when wrapped compactly.
Whether you wrap it tightly or loosely, the six beautifully woven colors will add a touch of flair to your outfit of the day.

This scarf can be used with a wide range of styles, from casual to smart, and can be enjoyed throughout the seasons.

The elegant texture and sheer knit fabric create a refreshing feeling.
It won't wrinkle even if you put it in your bag, so it's also great for UV protection when you're out and about.

A soft, crinkly material that feels as if it contains air.

Natural, untie fringe

It is woven using the most basic plain weave technique, in which one warp thread and one weft thread are alternately raised and lowered. The finished fabric is flat, durable, and resistant to friction.

Fabrics made on 100-year-old shuttle looms have a texture close to that of hand-woven fabrics. They are shaped little by little through the artisans' meticulous handiwork, and are carefully and slowly finished, imbuing the fabric with the maker's feelings. We hope that this fabric, with a touch of Made in Japan handiwork, will become a favorite piece that you will always keep close by.

Beautiful Japanese textiles also make great gifts.
How about giving this as a present or gift for birthdays, White Day, Mother's Day, Respect for the Aged Day, etc.?

Material, processing, and size

Materials and Techniques 100% cotton (mercerized, Egyptian extra long staple cotton)
Plain weave
size Size: Approx. 45cm x 175cm (laid flat, including fringe)
Weight: Approx. 95g
*Due to the elasticity of the product, there may be individual differences in size.
Color Green Blue

Precautions when purchasing and using

It will take about 3-4 weeks to make, depending on the stock situation. If it takes longer due to material procurement or other reasons, we will inform you in the confirmation email after you place your order. This is a product that is well worth the wait, so we hope you will understand and accept it before placing your order.

As this is a delicate material, please be careful to avoid strong friction or snagging.

Dark colored items may transfer color due to friction while wearing. Please avoid excessive friction or use in wet places such as rain.

Please use a neutral detergent and hand wash separately. Do not use the hand wash mode in the washing machine. Remove excess water, reshape the item while leaving any wrinkles, and hang dry in a well-ventilated, shady area.

Please refrain from ironing the stretchy parts as you will enjoy the wrinkled texture.
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